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Leyah Pics :3

more mmd pics of leyah: the two images below are from @neferis

MMD: 360° VR 3D hentai videos demo

Recently I have explored making 360 3D videos with MMD. there are the results, you need to use google chrome, this 360…

MMD: Panoramic (Luma)

not into 3dpd I got that 3dcg. Was in a rush so not the best render in the world. also the camera…

Umichan Online Status 2

trying to go ahead and get this done enough to host some online events on certain days. mechanically, it works the same…

no image

Umichan Online status

yesterday I made a straw poll to get a idea about content people were most interested in aside from my main game…

MMD: dat ass results

make a short video and, dat ass, so I decided to render it at 60 fps instead of my usual 30. so…

MMD: Leeina update test

Tasha’s sister Leeina

Tasha in MMD + motion previews

Made Tasha in MMD. When I get time I will update the wiki more. made a small entry for now

no image

Baby gurl!

more Luma progress mmd

Almost done with Luma. Going to probably work on some game stuff for now. I’m getting behind where I want to be…

no image

Luma progress mmd

Wanted to update Luma to the version of the model with dem nips. boobs won’t be a big as it was but…

no image

Leyah gravure idol gallery

this was pretty spontaneous. I made a few pics around the same time I rendered the shake it off video.

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