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ARIA related stuff

ARIA Project: Goo

Realistic rendition of Goo from ARIA series for use in future content. please post thoughts/feedback art:

ARIA related updates

New ARIA stuff is still in development. I will be getting art for Remi and Goo drawn in the realistic style like…

UMAA Updates and game details

I wanted to mention my current plans for UMAA First I will discuss the sex stuff. For this game I wanted to…

The Rookie and UMCH story survey

I have begun trying to work on UMAA again now that I am done with fixing issues with Rookie and Sentoryu for…

ARIA: The Rookie

You are the new rookie agent, decide which sexy teammate will influence you the most.

3D Arielle game alpha + video update 6

  DL Windows:!AdRTiQiJ!PdTWc1a1pO3aXpyIdcW2EIfquAvji1IGBeVwC_SQo1E there is a terminal in the city where you start that allows you to travel to the combat…

Animation backlog updates

Did a lot of animating and writing this month. going to try to get all this stuff into the games this week…

The Rookie 1.4

massive art update~

Umichan Splashing Surprise

It’s Nanako vs GemCo! who will win?

ARIA Project bonus outfits

I wanted to have various bonus outfits made for the ARIA game I was working on. I am still in the middle…

ARIA combat system remake in html5

I am continuing to make aria prototypes off and on to see what might work best for the art recently created. below…

ARIA Project: Group

this is all the protagonist characters for the project mentioned in this previous post: New ARIA game project art by:

ARIA Project: Jeo

this is Jeo for the project mentioned in this previous post: New ARIA game project art by:

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