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guides on how to get through various games found here!

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Umichan Maiko Classroom Havoc Walkthrough

updated for version v16 [1] About this game [2] Basic game controls [3] Unlocking hentai [4] Affluently Ineffective (v12+) [5] Savor the…

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ARIA Walkthrough 2.3

ARIA – Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault v2.3 walkthrough created by : Vortex00 and jccq89 edited by: Vortex00 find the game at:…

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how to make ARIA Custom Scenarios (2.2b)

As of version 2.1b, players have the ability to create customized scenarios for Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault (ARIA). This is a guide…

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ARIA Walkthrough

ARIA – Advanced Rogue Intelligence Assault walkthrough created by : Vortex00 edited by: Vortex00   find the game at: full version…

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UMCC: Custom Characters

I will go ahead and post this now. I will probably edit this post later. I had been mentioning BG characters but…

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There is a Help section on the tablet you might consider reading also when looking for help. The game won’t play!…

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UMCC Walkthrough

Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters created by: Vortex00 walkthrough created by : Jccq89 edited by: Vortex00 Contents: Phase 1: Storyline of the game…

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