UMCC_FAQThere is a Help section on the tablet you might consider reading also when looking for help.

The game won’t play!

The game won’t save! what am I supposed to do?
in case the save button isn’t working for you, there is alternate way to save the game. when the save button is clicked, it generates a alpha numeric code in her tablet. it appears as soon as you click save. copy that data into a text file and can paste it into the tablet in using the Load icon to load the game.
you will need to scroll down to copy all of the save data.

Can I load my online game on the offline version?
when it saves, it generates a alpha numeric code in her tablet. it appears as soon as you click save. copy that data and paste it into the tablet in the other version using the Load icon.
you will need to scroll down to copy all of the save data.

How do I get custom stuff?

after you unzip, place the pictures in the same folder as the game file.
To get the custom shirt (or whatever it might be) you need to buy a custom shirt from the lingerie store. After buying the shirt in the game, go back to Maiko’s room and press the custom shirt button. when you go back outside, you should see the school uniform is replaced with the graphics for the shirt. the graphic can be anything as long and the file name and size of the image remains the same. So anything you saw here needs to be renamed to the same thing as the white shirt from the zip file to use it.
as you can see, you can only use one thing at a time. if you don’t want something to be used, like the overlay, just change the name of the file or move it to a different folder.

for the background image it also can be any picture as long as the file name and size is the same. and you need to press the custom mobile BG in the Options before starting the game.

Where is the sex club?
You need to first join the boxing club, then take a shower in the girl’s locker room. When you leave the shower it’ll trigger a scene that unlocks the sex club. It can be found in the hallway with the Sports clubs.

How do I take tests ?

There is a in game tutorial for it in the tablet Help section.
Q-> Help -> School Test

During tests you will have empty boxes on your left, you need to look down pressing down or selecting the option “always stay down” on the notepad so you don’t need to keep pressing down during tests.

You have to first click one of the boxes and make a “?” appear on it, then click the paper sheet, Maiko will start trying to answer the question and depending on her knowledge on that study, she will answer it correctly or wrong (tick for right, x for wrong). If she fails, you can click again on the same square, make another “?” appear, taking the place of the X and try to answer again.

You have to click on each square and wait for her to answer, the speed depends on how much she knows about that class (studying more makes her answer faster).

Another useful skill during tests is the Khalei, you start with lvl 1 and pressing S during the test makes the screen blink on pink, during that status you can answer one question really fast and mostly correctly. At max lvl khalei you can answer 5 questions this way.

After finishing all questions, you can click again on the test papers to finish it before the time ends.

How do I challenge Luma?

Level you skill to level 3 and join that club. After the train up to beat the practice challenge for that club. Which is located in the clubroom. you can get there from the main school hallway.

How do I take sweaty boob photo?

Have Maiko sweat from doing physical activities in the gym. After she is sweaty return to the girls locker room. Raise up the camera, click off her shirt my clicking the middle of her cleavage. Then go the camera icon and make sure Maikos boobs are in view and press A to take the picture.

Video tutorial:



How do I do handjobs?

There will be 5 hearts before starting and they will be empty, each click on them will make they beat faster, indicating how fast the girl will stroke the penis. When you click start, the boy will tell you which heart speeds are right. An Example follows.

1 That’s it -> The speed is right

2 That’s too fast -> choose a heart which beats slower

3 Hold on here so I don’t cum too fast -> You have to let the heart gray on these

4 A little faster -> go up one heart in speed

5 Keep it like that -> Right speed

After listening all the 5 instructions, all you have to do is correct the hearts he said that wasn’t ok. Keep the right ones as they were and click start again. Do it till you get the sequence right.


How do I play the offline version?


I downloaded it from bandcamp but I don’t see the game.

it is included. it is the swf file.
Vortex00 – UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST – UmichanMaikoClassroomCheaters.swf
please also read the txt file that comes with it.


What are the differences in the online version and the offline versions?

some things missing from the online version are:
-music mini game after getting guitar and joining Music club had to be removed
-there is a missing hentai minigame in the sex club
-the cheerleader minigame was removed.
-the good ending scene was shortened.
-there is a harassment/bullying mechanic that was removed
-traveling to the park area and all the photoshoot objectives got removed.
-I have a few customized graphics you can import into the game which work offline that are not present also.
-additional interactive BJ with males at home
-Yuri and dildo play with female friend at home
-most hentai scenes have dialogue text added similar to the shower scene text
-more custom characters (all the eyebrows are black sorry =/)
-double ended dildo at sex club
-threesomes at sex club
-extra dialogue for the guys added for community service
-community service is now auto pilot but can still be controlled
-custom shirt nude base option
-sex in shower and room with dialogue
-easy way to lvl up girl relationship by working and p.service1 and 2
-new hand graphics for the tablet
-a few minor bug fixes
-vibrator pen Onanism during tests
-all test questions answered after the first attempt with using a sentinel pen and having a sentinel.
-cum appears on Maiko boobs
-increased amount of cum on friends when they get cummed
-walk around naked and people react.
-naked + cum and people react
-normal dialogue for friends if maiko is cummed
-a boob size larger then jumbo. use: “omfg” for the boob variable

added a variable in tablet Config screen where Maiko can exit to the gym while being nude and can take off shirt anywhere. (1)
this variable does not get saved in saved variables, also note that Maiko will still want to put oh a shirt at certain points.
In the past walking around nude was a bug and I had added in all kinds of ways to correct this.

What’s up with Lynn and her bodyguard?

More will is revealed in ARIA

I cannot take a picture with the ” A” button!

You can only take pictures of certain things. Those things are mentioned by someone or mentioned in the journal.

Where I can find the Butterflies?

Red – Travel -> Crossroads

Green – Travel -> Walking Trail

Purple – Travel -> Walking Trail -> Light Forest

I can’t get the guitar with Zytra!

You have to click the button to buy the guitar in the electronics shop to trigger the scene.