January 1, 2024

91 thoughts on “UMCC FAQ

  1. Ah, you forgot one;

    “Where/how do I get the online/full version?”

    I’m sure there’s a few people who don’t know.

    1. it should be covered under the “How do I play the offline version?” section. It is pretty much the same question I would assume.

        1. you have to quickly press the button after it flashes, but not before.
          if you are too slow you will get hit.

          if you mean the david fight I think the controls are on the screen. WASD to move and J and K to attack.

      1. I tried then link above but it didn’t work i tried it twice. T.T Can you please help? I really liked this game

          1. every time to try to open it some weird video thing and it says can’t connect of something like that

  2. Now I’ve got another question (sorry, lol);

    Where are the buttons for the at home h-events?

    I can get the handjob scene from bringing a guy home and choosing sleep, but that’s it.

    I can flip over to the blowjob background, but I can’t “interact” with it at all (and it shows up even when I’m alone/with a girl). As for the yuri scenes, I can’t see anything. I’ve got the dildo (and can get Maiko to use it) but I can’t figure out what to press to activate the yuri scene.

    The lowest relationship level I have with anyone is 7 (and I’ve tried with Savori who has 21). Is it only available at a specific time? I’ve tried at the end of the day, but I can’t see anything obvious.

    Also, I’m using a save from the online version for the offline version, but I also tried starting a new game entirely offline and couldn’t figure anything out either.

    1. Hmm, I just tested what you said on my current version of the game and I could do it normally. Maybe you are playing a older version perhaps?
      This watching the blowjob scene at home with girl friends used to happen, but it got fixed (well, i doesn’t happen to me anymore).
      You just need a dildo and lvl 5 relationship, bring the girl home and on you down right side of the screen there should be a yuri button, and thats it. I hope this helps.

    2. yeah it sounds like your are playing the original offline version but I sent out a update through e-mail and at various locations for those that donated at least a dollar a few days ago.

      the update I finish (hopefully) today will probably be public because it will be modifiable. Then I (or anyone) can just make mods for a while, as I work on ARIA.

  3. Yeah, I’m just using the free version from bandcamp.
    Thanks for clearing this up. I’m looking forward to the next release.

  4. So you made a faq too? Thats even better combined with the walkthrough, so people can look for their main questions instead of reading all that, if they need just one simple question answered.

    1. yeah plus reading the walkthrough they might still have some of these specific questions, like how to play the offline version of where the butterflies are or about a certain character.

    1. it is their overall opinion about the topic. Black heart means they don’t like to talk about it and you are loosing relationship exp with that person. Pink with black number means they feel neutral about it. and pink number is they like talking about that topic.

  5. Can you help me? I downloaded it off bandcamp but all I see in the file are songs and pictures where do I find the offline version?

    1. it is included. it is the swf file.
      Vortex00 – UMCC Khalei Butterfly OST – UmichanMaikoClassroomCheaters.swf
      please also read the txt file.

  6. I’m sorry, hope you can help me. I downloaded it off bandcamp but whenever i try to snap the sweaty boob photo I can’t, there is nothing to take a pic of. I can’t see her at all…

    1. Tablet -> Config -> a.oppai
      make sure that is set to 1

      you also need to be looking all the way down.

      or you might link me a screenshot

  7. I don’t mean to be a bother, I just got the game from Bandcamp 2 days ago, and it seems to be the older bugged version. What can I do to remedy this, if I can? Thanks.

    1. when character appear on the screen in front of you, there is a option to join clubs in the talk menu that is also displayed.

    1. The only thing you need to play the arcade is money and time, each game costs you a time frame, so you cant do it at night. And it costs money too. All you have to do is play, get a better score and speak to leyah at the club. This is one of the Luma’s challenges you don’t need her to be with you to complete.

    1. if you are playing new and different swf, rename the new swf to the exact name of whatever the old swf was called.

      1. I haven’t changed anything. I’m using the same swf and everything. Is there anything else it could be?

        1. nothing I can think of in the game just deletes data for no reason. perhaps you have something like a virus program that cleans through your computer and deletes local variables?

          or maybe someone else ran some program?

          i have never had any other reports of the game data just vanishing. so this is new to me.

          1. My computer froze so maybe that caused the glitch. Idk but I will just save the password onto wordpad as a precaution. Thanks for the info.

  8. I still have the older bugged version and I cannot seem to find where to get the new update. Do you know where can I find the updated version?

  9. If you don’t want to have to replay all that I would be willing to PM you my password thingy. (when you press “Q” go to “Load” and paste it in)

    1. That’s okay when the update comes out i’ll just start from the beginning again and relive the adventure 🙂 I was just wondering what happened so I could prevent it from happening again.

  10. I’ve read some mentions to extra scenes with Dizzy if you “explore with her”. I’ve gone with her to each location, both day and night. What am I doing wrong?

  11. I can’t seem to load my save data. I downloaded an online version a while ago and liked it so I downloaded version 2 offline, but I can’t load any data after saving in v2. I read above that renaming the second .swf to what the first .swf I downloaded would work, but it doesn’t seem to fix anything. The first .swf I downloaded still loads fine, just not v2.

    1. when it saves, it generates a alpha numeric code in her tablet. it appears as soon as you click save. copy that data and paste it into the tablet in the other version using the Load icon.
      you will need to scroll down to copy all of the save data.

      1. Can’t seem to paste, SWF player doesn’t give me option to paste on right click, Ctrl V doesn’t do nothing either.

          1. It was my player ‘Gnash SWF’, wouldn’t show the box. Installed adobe player, works fine now, just silly me.

  12. Uhm this is a stupid question but where is the sex club? How do I get to it..? I’m using offline version 3.

    1. You need to first join the boxing club, then take a shower in the girl’s locker room. When you leave the shower it’ll trigger a scene that unlocks the sex club. It can be found in the hallway with the Sports clubs.

    1. Vortex00: You need to first join the boxing club, then take a shower in the girl’s locker room. When you leave the shower it’ll trigger a scene that unlocks the sex club. It can be found in the hallway with the Sports clubs.

  13. I downloaded the update 3 but I can’t seem to be able to play the game, I’m on a mac and the flashplayer link you listed for mac users doesn’t exist. What do I do?

  14. Tried that, but it won’t give me an option to open from any web browser. I forgot to mention that I did buy the game from bandcamp but not use the patreon. Don’t know if this helps but it said you could provide the game directly if I did.

    1. the update 3 swf is what I would send you.
      unfortunately I can’t compile flash games for mac, but mac users have been running the game in swf format just fine.

      to open the game in a web browser you have to right click on the game swf file, or whatever the mac equivalent of this is, and select open with web browser.

      or from your web browser click open a new tab, then drag the game file icon from it’s location to the address bar of the web browser. the spot where you would normally type a website address.

      alternatively I Google searched for a swf player you might try this one.
      I can’t verify it work because I don’t have a mac. Normally i just ask one of the mac users if it is working for them.

  15. Well I’m trying to sign up but im so confused with the spam question about the Aria characters i want to find out but i don’t know how to ;n; please help..

  16. When i tried to load it from the online version to the offline version it didn’t load everything. and yes I made sure i saved everything. it saved my books my guitar and a few relationships but, it didnt save my consumer from the lingerie shop and the clubs i was in. i was in all the clubs and beat luma in all of them too.

    1. It should be working fine but I can check it in a few days if you want. No one has mentioned any issues with this to me for years.

    1. There is a video tutorial right in the this post that should help you.

      if you can see boons you need to make sure a.oppai is set to 1 on the tablet.
      Q-> Status-> click “a.oppai” button

  17. Just found out about UMCC and your site in general. Great game but I have a few questions / bug-ish things to report about the UmiChanClassroomCheater8X3 version.

    First: I know that you need relationship of 2 to have someone join your group, and relationship of 5 was mentioned as being safe for the BJ scenes. Are there any other hard number values that are important? My main reason for asking is because I already have a few characters over 10 relationship value and I am trying to figure out if it is worth continuing to focus on them or whether I should put my efforts into a different character, and furthermore at exactly what point are all of the possible characters over the highest minimum requirement to do things.

    Second: I am not sure if you are aware or not but the naked pictures in the girls locker room is spammable and continues to accrue positive or negative points. This means that characters who like to get their pictures taken such as Leyah and Pattie can quickly gain dozens of levels of affection just by constantly hitting the A key. About 30 seconds of A spam can result in a quick dozen or more freebie levels for them.

    Third: The book in the store for Popular Teen can easily lead to relationship level gain abuse. For example, say you are in the mall and have bought that item already. Going in and out of a shop means that every time you exit the shop there’s a chance of a random encounter (the same happens everywhere). Every time you get an encounter you gain +2 or +3 relationship points with them. Because the time never runs out and the random encounters possibility never goes away a person can spam in / out actions and level up all of the characters (as many levels as the player is willing to spend time spamming clicks) in a single day. While testing this on one run through I managed to gain a minimum of 8 levels for every single character even the rare ones in just a little under an hour of pointless clicking back and forth. It was funny to see the rival calling her names even while being willing to follow her around into showers and such.

    Fourth: While between classes a random guy in the hall bukaked on Maiko-chan. It would not allow her to enter the gym because it was between classes, so she had to travel all the way home to get showered then walk all the way back to class. Can you please either add a Girl’s Bathroom in the main school building that can be entered and used for cleaning up, or else make an exception on the Gym’s code that causes an attempt to enter while covered in sperm causing her to enact a scene where she rushes to the showers, possibly being seen before hand, and then once clean exits her back to the main hallway. It does not make sense that a random encounter event can cause her to be splurged but nothing can be done to remove it except going to shower at home or the mall shower.

    1. Thanks for the feedback. I have retired from making updates to UMCC. but in the event I do return to update the game a bit, your feedback will be here for me to read. The game is far from perfect but nothing you mentioned cause an inability to play the game. some exploits that were found over the years I purposefully never fixed them because if someone wanted to exploit the game they could, if they wanted to play fair they could. you could play the game however you wanted.

      I don’t remember the highest minimum, but I would imagine it wouldn’t be over 5.
      as for number 4, the is a custom character. you can manually remove him from the game by deleting folder number 1 in the umcc_import folder then renaming the folders beginning with 1.

  18. Well, i know im late but i realy enjoy this game and i would liek to know how do i unlock the security cameras.
    Great game!

  19. I really suck at finding the secrets at this game. Could you tell me what are those special interactions with some characters? (E.G. extras scenes with dizzy, etc)
    Thanks! I Love your work

    1. There’s a option on the tablet in the config called Gym nude/dirty. Need to have that checked then if click Maiko’s boobs near the bottom her shirt will come off. some areas you travel to puts it back on. but you can just click to take it off again.

      1. Can you put the shirt on manually or do you really have to go back home every time (because people won’t talk to you while topless)?

    1. yeah that’s what they say. Not sure I understand what else you are trying to have happen.
      They will have a different reaction if Maiko is covered in cum.

      1. nice!

        a collection of custom characters (including user contributions) as kind of DLC
        or an ingame charackter creator would be good for anyone not that versed in computer stuff or editing images (best i can is paint, still trying to make a custom now)

        also: more custom shirts!!!

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