January 1, 2024

97 thoughts on “UMCC Walkthrough

    1. I wouldn’t call it complaining, just a bit confused. The game is pretty complex. You and I and a few others are used to playing it and already know what is what. Also I am going to have less as less time to answer stuff about UMCC. So hopefully this save me some time later. Plus I might literally forget some of this stuff.

  1. I think I have done everything I can in this game, but I’m glad you made this walkthrough, because I wasn’t sure if I had missed anything 🙂

    1. jccq89 did all of the work here.

      none of the secret events in the game are mentioned.
      there is finally work to do in the student council from Riley depending how how Savor the Moment ends.
      also you might explore around with dizzy.

  2. I have done some work in the student council and I have triggered the (secret?) sex club, but I haven’t explored with Dizzy.. There might be much more to do after all then 🙂

    1. There is probably a dizzy scene you missed but that is about it. I might add more the the next update.

      but there will also be character mods. So I can easily add to the game without having to redistribute it.
      I am pretty exited about it now that I have it all working. I will be ale to explain it later today hopefully.

      1. I know your busy but… it’s been 3 days and the bandcamp version is still the old bugged version…Sorry for bothering you.

        1. the e-mail you to sign up here doesn’t come up as someone who paid at least a dollar for the bandcamp version of the game. But if you did please message me the e-mail you used to pay on bandcamp so I can check it.

  3. The walkthrough doesn’t really help me on the main quest. I can’t raise the relationship with Luma above -2 no matter what I do.

    1. -2 is pretty low.
      join other clubs because yet relationship with all students when you do.
      you also might popular teen from the bookstore and keep meeting Luma in front of the school

    2. “To challenge her, you need to join her and then go to the club and click the challenge button, since she starts as a rival, she won’t join. So all you got to do is join another clubs before, doing so makes your popularity rise and she will take interest in you after some joining some clubs.”

      It’s really simple dude, you can do as Vortex said or just enter a bunch of clubs at once, your popularity will rise and with that all your relationship with the other characters, including Luma. I never had to worry about raising relationship with them, because with this you can level up all the relationships at once 🙂

      1. Now that’s strange. I’m in all clubs, have beaten all practice challenges and did every side quest. My lowest relationship with another person is on 6 with Amber.

      2. Now that’s strange. I’m in all clubs, have beaten all practice challenges and did every side quest. My lowest relationship with another person is on 6 with Amber. My popularity is on 245

  4. Do you have the book that gives you +2 or +3 every time you meet some one? Because that’s how I got her to join me. I just kept searching for her until I finally got it to a high enough relationship level.

  5. Yep, I do. The problem really isn’t getting positive points on her. The relationship level just stops at -2.

  6. I would by the offline version for 10 to 20 dollars. But first I want to wait and see if you have anymore updates before I purchase. Is there anymore stuff you will add?

    1. it is still helpful to donate thoguh. these games cost me money to make. I have spent over 1k on my newest game, ARIA, and I have barely even started it…

    2. Yep, Vortex00 was nice to for giving the game for free, but dont forget he did everything (animation, art, music and so on). It took 4 years or so to complete the game and he wants to keep doing it. With Aria, he is paying for help with the art, music and much more. So its nice to help donating something or becoming a patron at patreon, you can keep up with his updates there and everything else. All help is welcome.

  7. Is there any reward / does it unlock something / has any game effect checking out all the photoshoot requirements?

  8. Hey there, I have played the game and finished a few times with trying to do something different(even though I wasn’t be able to). It was awesome! Anyway the only thing I failed was the photoshoot thing. Getting 2 guys to follow you out of the area and removing everyone out of the area. I think I tried everything to get these 2 but failed? Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. Thanks I didn’t test this myself but other told me it was working last time I checked.
      removing guys out of the area, all guys need to be actively following Maiko (with the heart still above their head) as Maiko leaves the park on the far side.

      for everyone out the area it is running out all the girls first, then repeating the above with the guys.

  9. getting everyone outta the area for the photoshoot is hard, getting girls out is easy but not guys getting them to follow me but cant get them into the out area

    1. yeah I checked and this didn’t appear to be working.
      I will have to either fix it or remove it.
      I also want to have some kind of reward for completing all of them.

      1. Yeah… I was wondering what the purpose of the photoshoot was. Fully completed it multiple times and took it to the lingerie store and nothing. A reward would be very nice. Lol good to know I wasn’t going crazy XD

  10. Thank you for all these replies. I’m really looking forward for an update/fix. A good reward would be awesome. This game is just top-tier and I simply fell in love with it.

  11. The walkthrough was handy to read but still unable to get the button to appear ,having Maiko and girlfriend plus dildo . Other than that not a bad game.

    1. I am quite sure it is working properly. it is case sensitive. and may I ask what are you expecting it to do ? It basically takes you to almost endgame or endgame ( I forgot which one exactly.) when you press U during the game. It give you money , relationship, and books, skill and beating luma at most things.

  12. I got the offline version I beat Luma In all clubs & Riley got a Hair Pin, what should i do now?

    tried everything

  13. I’m Stuck, Maiko is wondering who her real rival is, I beat everything bought everything made her have sex with everyone I’m stuck.

    Help Please????

  14. The >> pressing that doesn’t work for me when in the bedroom. Also after you beat luma and have done the teachers quests is there anything else besides just doing student council?

    1. Check the journal on her tablet there are 3 quests there, if you have done all of them pus the other stuff you mentioned that should be the gist of it.

  15. I’m not sure I’m getting something with Coach Tom. I go through the minigame, the bar fills, and then he and Maiko just stop. I press done, and then everyone just acts like I hadn’t done the mini game. Am I missing something?

  16. Heyya Vortex wanted to say that you’re a genius I love Classroom Cheaters I played it almost every day’s for five or six hours during the last week. So but here’s a question hmmmmm nah it’s two questions 1. how to unlock/get those bigger Boobs I saw something with use “omgf” but how and where to use it ?? 2. how to unlock/get those custom Shirts like the Sailor and Bikini ones ?? Overall a great Game looking foreward to the next update/episode thx for creating this game. N7Hunter

    1. Thanks~
      I’m not sure what version you are playing. or this case what update you are playing. this is the most current version of the game:

      the options you refer to are for the custom characters that have a chance to appear in the main hallway of the school. They are included from the import folder that should be with the most recent version of the game. more information on custom characters is here:
      it also explains how to make custom characters.

      for the custom shirts just drop the image in the same folder as the game. I believe the image you want to use needs to have a certain name. same thing for the custom tablet background picture.

      you need to activate custom shirts from the options menu before starting the game because i replaces the default school uniform. Also you need to buy the custom shirt item from the lingerie store.

  17. Thank you very much for your tips and help but unfortunatly it looks like I’am too dumb for this. So its possible to get more Options before starting the game. The only Options ist showing meare Mobile Device BG(which I also got no idea how to Change the BG lol) and the both save/load Options. BTW I Play the game via Internet Explorer cause I don’t any Flashplayers. I’m sorry for bothering you with it again.

    1. pardon the delay I had to basically go through all the steps you might go through and see where your problems might be.

      I put example stuff in here:

      after you unzip, place the pictures in the same folder as the game file.
      To get the custom shirt (or whatever it might be) you need to buy a custom shirt from the lingerie store. After buying the shirt in the game, go back to Maiko’s room and press the custom shirt button. when you go back outside, you should see the school uniform is replaced with the graphics for the shirt. the graphic can be anything as long and the file name and size of the image remains the same. So anything you saw here needs to be renamed to the same thing as the white shirt from the zip file to use it.
      as you can see, you can only use one thing at a time. if you don’t want something to be used, like the overlay, just change the name of the file or move it to a different folder.

      for the background image it also can be any picture as long as the file name and size is the same. and you need to press the custom mobile BG in the Options before starting the game.

      and yes all this works in internet explorer.

  18. What the hell is Leyah and Luma’s score at the shooting game…AND IT”S TOO HARD!!! I average at -6….what the hell???

    Excellent Game otherwise.

  19. OH HELPFUL TIP!!! USE CHROME TO OPEN IT AFTER YOU UNZIP THE FILE!!!! Very important that you do that….
    I learned the hard way.

  20. Okay umm I’ve kinda said this before and I was wondering if Vortex or someone who’s beaten the game can tell me. What is the score you have to beat to join the game club and what is Luma’s?

    1. it tells you at the end of each shooting mini game. you need to get 18 or more to beat Luma.
      try to save shots. you lose points for shooting and missing.

      to join the game club it just needs to say “good job” at the end. the go back and talk to Leyah and press join club. I was able to join with only a score of 8. If I’m not mistaken you can also complete the brick break game to join the club.

      if you aim higher then you need to be, on the space shooter mini, you will hit the thing much easier.

  21. Okay how do i get the offline version, the only one i seem to be able to get is the online one, which can’t do the music club thing and i can’t challenge luma! please tell me how to get it to work

    1. you can’t challenge Luma in music she is not a part of that club.
      From the tablet, on the club icon you only need to beat Luma in the boxes under “Beat Luma”

      this is the most recent offline version of the complete game.
      I am waiting until more character art gets finished before I continue further.

      to preserve your progress you can copy your save data string that gets generated every time you save the game, and load at it in to the tablet in the offline version via the load icon.

    1. If you ever need to find any character, such as Riley, you can meet them in front of the school.
      Q -> Meet -> check Riley’s name and make sure it has a green check.
      keep going to the front area of the school until she gets there.

      1. Can you add more adventures or mission to it to extend the game or no? Because that would be really cool if you did.

          1. yeah stay tuned, I’ll be getting to that after he finishes just 2 more characters.

  22. What are the possible results of Savori’s quest? I kinda prefer to know which decision to make before hand, and playing through a bunch of times to get the answers sounds like a lot of work.

    1. Not sure if I should post spoilers here so I’ll be vague. Complete the quest the way Savori wants and she likes you but you can’t sell pictures anymore. Complete the quest the other way and you’ll still be able to sell pics, but something very very bad will happen.

      You don’t have to play through a bunch of times to see what happens, you literally have to play through twice. If you’re too lazy for even that, just make a save before Savori’s quest and reload it after and try the other way.

  23. I cant beat the vortex game every time I click EVEN IF I hit the green thing I loose 1 point for shooting and gain 1 for hitting it.

    1. aim a little above where the bullet will land and you should be ok. You probably need to shoot a little early also. early and above.

      you are correct you can’t shoot extra shots or you will loose points. it takes a bit of practice.

      1. Well it does not matter anymore I used a SWF Decompiler found the pass im sorry man its a fun game it really is (idk why no sex sounds even though the scene collection has em btw is their a way I can put them into the main game or no?) but I CANT beat that space shooter I was never good at those kinda games I dunno how many times I tried I went from 10000 what ever the currency is to 700… so Idk issue with me or the game. I was running it in Adobe Flash PRojector after downloading. if that helps at all.

        1. the game has been out of 5 years with many people completing the game. it’s not like it is impossible. Not easy, but certainly doable.

          1. Its a fun game but I just cant beat that part. anyway quick question does winter ever come? also when you get attacked by david ( think) is that a random event or does it only happen once?

          2. no winter. maybe I can make winter later. The problem at the time was changing all of the background art. I’m sure it is still a problem.

            David scenes happens when you travel home alone as maiko at night. happens once.

          3. K Just I thought in the scene collection pack the is an oral part that never appears in the game. just wondering what thats about.

          4. after getting everything from UMCC I also invented a few new scenes for the extract using the existing game assets. Those are exclusive to the extract.

          5. Ok thats pretty cool erm last 2 questions I cant seem to find the how to mod the game thing and the last is is thier a way to add the sound effects of the extracted scenes into the full game?

          6. check here for modding:

            there is no way to add the extract sounds into the UMCC outside of major editing of the fla files and recompiling the game. it is something I can possibly do at a later date alongside any art updates. Currently I have no definite plans to do anything thoguh as most of the time I can work on stuff is invested in my 3 current projects. I don’t have a gauge on people that would be interested in me doing this, and further updates to UMCC and willing to support it via patreron.

            I did mention that I wanted to update it a bit and put in on kimochi but that was shutting down last time I checked.

          7. Ok thanks for answering my questions il see if I can mod the FLA’s should not be to hard.

  24. what is the password?
    how do I get in the foot job service at school? (the staircase leading down, below the staircase pointing to teachers offices?

  25. Completed the game but have a question, how to “make Savori’s father like me”? I only can report her father, and don’t see any other options

    1. The only option is to report him. Maiko doesn’t entertain Kyle’s idea further after actually meeting savori’s dad.

  26. I’m having a bit of trouble on photoshoot 12, make your support cum. I can’t think of what support would be besides the person I bring in with me but that doesn’t work. I’ve been playing since Vandread and I’m sure I’ve cleared everything in UMCC before (multiple times) but its been several years and I can’t for life of me figure it out now.

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