UMCC Walkthrough

Umichan Maiko Classroom Cheaters
created by: Vortex00


walkthrough created by : Jccq89
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Phase 1: Storyline of the game
Phase 2: Basic in-game controls
Phase 3: Skills
Phase 4: Walkthrough
Phase 5: Teacher Quests

Use Control-F and type in “Phase (number)” to read.

Phase 1:Storyline of the game


In UMCC you play as the cheerful and buxom girl, Umiya Maiko. Unknowing to her, she was chosen to shape the future of many people’s lives by being given a special hairpin that gives her powers. In the game, while being completely obvious to the serious events going on elsewhere, Maiko lives her normal school life by working to become better than her rival Luma in every way. Her goal is to beat Luma in all kind of club actives within the school on campus. Luma has a posse of friends that pick on Maiko and bully her at the start of the game. The player can level up Maiko in all kind of stats such as swimming, running, powers and fighting ability in order to beat Luma in the various activities. Players can also have Maiko learn new abilities and actions by having her read and study books.


Phase 2:In-game controls


This section will list all the mini-games controls in offline version, so there will be more than the online one.



In UMCC you use your mouse for most of the actions, during free-roam you can move Maiko’s view and look around, to active the menus you just need to click. Q brings up her notepad and selecting camera and using A makes you take pictures.



During tests you will have empty boxes on your left, you need to look down pressing down or selecting the option “always stay down” on the notepad so you don’t need to keep pressing down during tests.

You have to first click one of the boxes and make a “?” appear on it, then click the paper sheet, Maiko will start trying to answer the question and depending on her knowledge on that study, she will answer it correctly or wrong (tick for right, x for wrong). If she fails, you can click again on the same square, make another “?” appear, taking the place of the X and try to answer again.

You have to click on each square and wait for her to answer, the speed depends on how much she knows about that class (studying more makes her answer faster).

Another useful skill during tests is the Khalei, you start with lvl 1 and pressing S during the test makes the screen blink on pink, during that status you can answer one question really fast and mostly correctly. At max lvl khalei you can answer 5 questions this way.

After finishing all questions, you can click again on the test papers to finish it before the time ends.


Guitar Mini

On the mode button you can choose what part of the song you want to practice before starting. If you want to play it all, just choose full song.

You just need to press 1 and the song will start, while the bars passes on top of the pink sticks, all you have to do is press either space or down to stroke the note till the end of the song.


Arcade Minis

During the shooting one, you have to aim using the mouse and left click to shoot. Be careful when you click start, the first target starts as soon as you click, so be sure not to miss it. It takes some time, but after practicing you can get used to it.

During block break you just use the mouse to move the platform and reflect the ball making the it brake the bricks.


Sentinel Battle

During selection screen, you have to choose the chips which will be part of your sentinel. Some types stack and get more powerful as you select more of those.

During battle, the bar will start to fill, and when it reaches maximum, it will use the power selected with the pink arrow, just switch the arrow through the powers you want to use and wait for the bar to fill up.


Speed Challenges

Swimming and Running challenges need you to click a button, just mash it till the time ends. Your skill on that ability makes it easier or harder to complete the challenge.



This is a tricky one. WASD controls Maiko’s left arm and IJKL controls her right arm. Start practicing and getting used to her movements. You will note the girls will make a sequence and reset to the main position. After they make a move, you have some seconds to copy their instance and change to the next one. You can change as soon as a green tick says you made it right. There are 3 sets of 4 moves you have to get right to complete this mini game.


Building Circuits

It’s a simple puzzle and its always the same answer, just rotate the sentinel parts, you can get them by fighting sentinels on city or buying on the store, to complete the chip and each complete chip take one day action, be careful to not get exhausted while working on them.


Hentai Minis


Oral mini

There will be 5 hearts before starting and they will be empty, each click on them will make they beat faster, indicating how fast the girl will stroke the penis. When you click start, the boy will tell you which heart speeds are right. An Example follows.


1 That’s it -> The speed is right

2 That’s too fast -> choose a heart which beats slower

3 Hold on here so I don’t cum too fast -> You have to let the heart gray on these

4 A little faster -> go up one heart in speed

5 Keep it like that -> Right speed


After listening all the 5 instructions, all you have to do is correct the hearts he said that wasn’t ok. Keep the right ones as they were and click start again. Do it till you get the sequence right.


Sex Mini (Both Men and Women)

Choose the sex action to do to your client, the heart will beat differently for each one, your stamina will deplete over time so you have to choose the option which makes the heart beat faster (Pink is the max speed). Just keep it like that till him/her cums. You sex lvl depend on your books and only work for Maiko, depending on which books she have, the better she will be at these minis.

The difference between the men and woman minis is that during the woman mini, you have to raise their pleasure bar till it stops filling. Depending on the number of clients, the bar will reset and you will have to fill it up again. Then press idle to see her cumming and them finish.

During the men mini, there is a stamina bar, and if it reaches 0, you switch with your girl friend, if you are maiko, you lose.



There are two fighting minis. The simple one has the boxing activity animation, you just have to wait till the game makes a sound and says you have to attack, then click the button, if you are fast enough, you hit your target and it loses an amount of health (this depends of your boxing lvl). If you are slow, you get hit, and if you are too fast, you get an X and cant attack and if you do it too often, you lose.

The second fighting mini acts like a normal fighting game. You can move Maiko with A and D and defend using S. Pressing J makes her punch and K is the grab (if the enemy is stronger than you and you try to grab him, he will grab you instead). Pressing J while you are guarding will trigger a stun attack. You can move maiko using the arrows on your keyboard too, they act like the same as A,S and D.



Taking aside the normal way of taking pictures with your tablet. There is a photography mini too. You can go to the park and start it. There is a list of objectives you have to complete during the mini game, you can see it on your tablet or visiting the lingerie store. The controls are the same of the fighting mini, but pressing down or S will make Maiko take pictures. You can arouse the guys to make them follow your or start masturbating. To move the girls, you can punch them with J, or make a guy masturbate next to them. To faint guys, just make them cum. Making girls faint is a little tricky, you need a guy partner for it. Make another guy follow you and you have to put the girl between your partner and another guy on the park, arouse them till they masturbate, the girl will try to run, but will be cornered and will faint afterwards.


Phase 3:Skills



Melee can be leveled up practicing boxing at school. It helps winning fights faster, each point gives you 1 more damage for enemies that are weaker than you (sentinels).



Khalei can be leveled up fighting sentinels at the city. Go to your config menu and equip your Pin (these will trigger fights with sentinels). You just need to go and come back of the city to trigger fights. Its better to have melee at max, so you can one hit KO sentinels. The Khalei lvls help completing tests faster too, allowing you to press S and answering questions with just one click. For each lvl of khalei, you have one charge of power to use on each test you make.



All you have to do is practice running at school, and it doesn’t influence on anything on the game.


All you have to do is practice swimming at school, and it doesn’t influence on anything on the game.



You just have to attend to classes or study at home (books help leveling it up faster). Having a high lvl of one study makes you complete questions faster and not answering them wrong.



Each book unlock a new sex mini. And having the last one lets you click on sex one button twice and have slow sex, it’s really arousing on clients. Having the oral book unlocks the boyfriend fellatio scene in room, you need 5 relation exp with that boy. After that you get to it, have your boyfriend with you at home and press “>>” in the room until you get to it. Sleeping with them will trigger the hand job mini too.

You can also trigger a Maiko point of view yuri with girlfriends in room. You need 5 relation exp and a dildo for button to appear.


Phase 4: Walkthrough


Ok, UMCC is a game about exploration and it has a lot of nice surprises. Each character will say different things for Maiko depending of the situation, so I advise you to experiment with all the characters interactions. I won’t explain what you have to do or can do on this game, just how to finish it. I won’t tell where to find the game secrets either, because that would take all the fun of playing and finding those by yourself. It’s not that hard to find those, just explore a little and you will surprise yourself with what you can find. So I won’t spoil much during this walkthrough and I will try to be direct. Have fun!


You start at your room, during the first day, you can’t go out, so you can study or try some of your tablet settings. I advise you to turn the “morning ready” and “stay down” options on, so you don’t need to take baths all mornings before going out and to start tests right away at school.

On your second day, after school, visit each location and you will watch some scenes. Now you can start leveling up your skills so you can beat Luma on each club activity. You can get money by going to the mall and working. If you take chris with you, you can get more money at the Eletronic Supply Outlet.  You can buy the “Productive Work” book too, they add to each other and give lots of money.

Other ways to get money are: taking pictures of naked girls on the locker room and selling at the bookstore, selling sentinel parts at the electronics store and having sex to costumers at the Nanako Café.

For having sex at the Nanako Café, you will need the sex books first and if there are Agents on the Mall, you will have to go to the city to the Gemco Law Division and pay for them to go away for some time. You can buy coffee to have more actions on you day too. The Fruit bodywash makes the sex mini more arousing if you have it and take a bath before playing. Body wash plus helps you not getting sweat after practicing exercise, so you don’t need to take baths all the time.

Just some important info, you can identify club leaders by looking to their right arm, they have a club leader band next to their shoulder.


You have 3 main quests to finish the game. After completing them, you just need to go to school and it’s the End. They are:


Female Rivalries: Defeat Luma on each club activity

Savor the Moment: Join the photography club and take some pictures of Savori

Affluent Ineffective: Tsugo needs help with his love interest.


I will explain Luma’s for last since it’s the bigger one. Let’s start with Affluent Ineffective. Visit the shop and listen to Tsugo, now you have to take pictures of 3 different butterflies. The first one is at the Crossroads, the second one is at the walking trail and the last is at the Light Forest. Now open your tablet and use the “meet” option, choose Tsugo, go to school and join him. Now go to the beach. After the scene, go to the mall and watch another scene. Buy the guitar book at the bookstore and meet Zytra at school. Go to the mall with her and get the guitar. Meet Greel at school and ask him to join the Nanako Band. Quest Finished! Now you can play guitar at the Guitar Club!


Now, lets complete Savor the Moment. Meet Kyle at school and ask to join his club, he will ask for a Sweat Boob picture. Go to the gym and exercise a little (any action), go to the locker room, have the oppai option on in your tablet, move the mouse down and click Maiko’ shirt. Now press Q, choose camera, move the mouse down and press A. Find Kyle, give him the pic by asking to join the club again. Now you have to meet him at the club, then go to the locker room and take a picture of Savori (girl with blue hair). Go back to him at the club and give him the pic, he will make a “Savori Collection”, go to the Mall and sell it at the bookstore, go home and sleep.

The other day, go to school and meet Savory at the locker room, now you can choose between three options which will change the game ending (only two of them matter). You can join Kyle and go to Gemco Law Division and report her father, go with him to her father and talk things through or you can just ignore. If you decide to ignore and keep taking photos of her, transforming in her collection with Kyle and selling, she will fight you in the locker rooms and after that, if you keep doing it, you will get one route. If you report her father, you will get another route. But after finishing her quest, you will get access to the locker room with girl friends using kyle’s club. Quest Finished!


Female Rivalries


Now to the last quest! This one takes time and is the game’s main purpose, to beat Luma.

For that you need to join each club and challenge their leaders before confronting Luma. To challenge her, you need to join her and then go to the club and click the challenge button, since she starts as a rival, she won’t join. So all you got to do is join another clubs before, doing so makes your popularity rise and she will take interest in you after some joining some clubs. She even has one club, the cheerleading club, but it’s a offline version extra and you can’t challenge her, just like you can’t challenge her at the guitar club, the student council, the publishing club and the secret club. These clubs just offer extra scenes or mini games.


The clubs are:

Battle Club: You must get sentinel parts, buying or defeating sentinels, then join chris and go to the tech room, there you can make chips and a sentinel. After making one, you can join the club, ask chris to join it. Then you have to challenge students who have sentinels, you need 3 victories before challenging Luma. The student with sentinels are: Tsugo, Chris, Lynn, Roise. You just need to met them and click the sentinel fight button, then join luma, bring her to the club and challenge her.


Swim Team: It’s pretty simple, just level your swim skill to lvl 3, meet zytra and ask to join the club, challenge her (I advise getting lvl 5 on swim) then join Luma and challenge her too.


Boxing Team:  just level your melee skill to lvl 2, meet Jeni and ask to join the club, challenge her (I advise getting lvl 5 on melee) then join Luma and challenge her too.


Track Team:  just level your speed skill to lvl 3, meet Pattie and ask to join the club, challenge her (I advise getting lvl 5 on speed) then join Luma and challenge her too.


Game Club: All you need to do is go to the mall and have the same as Luma’s score at the arcade shooting game. Talk to Leyah and join the club after that, then beat her and talk to Leyah at the club to add the victory. You can do it all at the same time, just beat her and ask to join afterwards.


After finishing the Luma’s quest, when you go to school the next day you will have a scene and the game credits will roll. But there is more to do if you did this quest first and there is a lot more to explore, hentai scenes to find, secrets to discover and character dialogues to read! You can continue your game after the credits and there is a code for unlocking everything and getting a lot of money too on new game. Thanks for playing!


Phase 5: Teacher Quests

 20140303_thumb copy

This section is just to help doing some of the teacher quests and what they add to you, plus the student council too.


Student Council: After getting to join the club you can change the school policy, after that you are now able to access the gym even during class hours.


Dr Natan: All you need is a sentinel to complete his task, it will give access to some random hentai scenes with different text depending on the characters.


Coach Tom: Just accept his offer and all the test grades will be the same of your last grade. All you need is get a good score and use his offer. You can start skipping tests after that.


Mrs. Mika: She will share 1 coffee with you every day, you can use this option instead of buying at the Nanako Cafe. But they will be used automatically any time you do an action that requires time.


Instructor Alma: Buy a dildo for 10k for her at the lingerie office on town and trade for her request. After that, if you stay out of fights, agents won’t appear for some time, making you economize the 1k fee for taking them out.  Just remember you trade the dildo, so if you have one for yuri at home, have some money on you to buy another, otherwise you will lose it!