January 2, 2024

217 thoughts on “UMCC: Custom Characters

  1. Interesting type of mod, it’s like a DLC but for the mod community. Hey it’s Umi! well you did said you plan on using her in some type of way. Guess this was it as a demo picture showing off the custom character build. :p

    1. the funny thing about it is that random characters can be made for actual characters already in the game also. Kile i can make on of Kyle for example.

      Also to have same saying more than just the one dialogue line and the one condition. just make multiple folders of the same character and change up the dialogue and condition stuff.

      it is also interesting because you can have a bunch of different characters all talking about a certain thing kind of making a potential theme for it. Like for example I can have bunch of female characters talking about pervert boys. While all the boys will expose Maiko and cum drench her when they see her lol.

      I want to also add sentinel battle option so Maiko can battle the characters custom sentinel also if they have one. that would be pretty fun I think.

      1. Vortex00: I want to also add sentinel battle option so Maiko can battle the characters custom sentinel also if they have one. that would be pretty fun I think.

        Kind of like a Pokemon game where the trainers your fighting are random. Hell I think these random mod characters can appear in the random security camera of the hentai if your are up to it to reach that far into the code.

        1. Dude that is a good idea! lol that would be very interesting. Perhaps I can do it later because it requires a lot of work and side view heir. basically would need to redo what I have done but for a side view customizable character. Hmm but I can probably use the same data. just need side view hair. and would need different text also for that scene.

        2. the importing hair is the problem. maybe just selecting from hair in the game and using custom hex color would be better. that way the text file can but that single data file.

          1. yes like that. I used that in the umccm character creator also and it came out ok I guess lol. the trade off is the inability to have totally unique hair, but the art still required would drop to zero.

          2. @justjoe2k
            So while doing this I spotted the a problem trying to have this in the side view sex scenes. I would have to check the gender of each character before I load the data into the movieclips to make sure it actually makes sense what is happening. If it is just random that might be a little weird. Plus people might not want their male character taking it from behind by another male or female character lol. Then it is also possible you could have all girl or boy custom characters. Too many variables to worry about. I’ll figure out how to do it later and leave it as I have it for now.

  2. hey there, mate.

    this is some pretty good stuff right here. Just wanted to know if you have to have the last version to do this. I’m almost sure that you have to, but just making sure.

    By the way, I was looking in some stuff of ARIA and it looks real cool mate, congrats and keep it up!

    1. Yes you will need version 2 which I haven’t finished yet, but it will be public. Maybe I will keep alternating or something I don’t know. I’m not a huge fan of locking stuff down thoguh. But donations do very much help me to get things like art resources for future games. literally all of it goes into improving future games to come. I will try to finish this either much later tonight or late tomorrow afternoon. But I am starting to get a little fatigued to say the least.

  3. I could only imagine, you’ve non-stop on updates on UMCC and making ARIA man, Take your time mate, nobody here wants to see you fatigued. Allow yourself some rest for a day or two and maybe even play those awesome games you’ve made.

    And like I said on NG, once I can I’ll donate something to you. Everybody should, because making those games are really time consuming and hard to afford.

    Keep it up mate.

  4. Hey there, this is Koolken256 from Newground and have have a few questions about this customs character:
    1(. Is it only for, like you have stated in the pest, people who have payed?
    2(. Can i give, if it for everyone who has the offline version, My character Black skin to make Black?
    Please get back to me on these matters!

    1. 1. No, all of update 2 will be public. My idea was those that give me character info I will translate that description to use here for not until it gets more robust. I’m am not sure what yet. Most people I spoke with are okay with me just trying to move forward though. The future games will get better.

      2. There is currently no way to do this. I will see how difficult this is to do.

  5. I like put an sugestion here, the umi chan only can do sex with man, why you not put she can do sex whith woman in home or whith Hermafrodite some problem?

    1. nnnnnnoooooOOOOOOOOOOOOO! There is a user actually called JJJJJ! Now I can’t say JJ to jccq89 for a short name. Because users will think I’m talking to JJJJJ.

      Well with all the humor to the side… wow many users have ask for so many thing from girls getting knock up to breast milk etc. But Hermafrodite that is a new one.

    2. Umichan games are designed mostly for the audience of people that like straight sex and regular /h/ stuff. Also Maiko wanting to have sex with hermaphrodites are not qualities of her thought process. And having sex with futas is extremely out of her character. It matters in this game because you play as her.

      The updates have a bit of yuri and anal added to it in ways where it can fit her character. but if you are looking for alternative /d/ hentai, you will not find it in current or past Umichan related stuff.

      Be best way I can offer this is currently is to have the ability to make futa custom characters. And possibly through other types of modding later.

    3. @justjoe2k
      I am sure you can come up with another nickname for me man 😛

      But yeah, there is a variety of things you can do with Maiko on this game, but that needs to fit her character on some way. I know how important it is to have different positions or sex possibilities, but some aren’t really for Maiko or her universe characters. I am used to a alot of stuff, so I am ok with most things. But there are things you can’t make because of that sole reason, her character. Still, she can do a lot and Vortex is always putting new stuff, like anal on the current update. But i think that hermaphrodites or even when people start asking for tentacles, these are going to be way off the game current state. I don’t know about the future though…

      1. Good point was going to respond to JJJJJ about it is not in Maiko’s charecter. But was not going to explain a long story why. So I figure hell Vortex00 or jccq89 would explain it in a shorter sentience than me.

        @jccq89 from now on your name is Skullo short for Skullomania of Street Fighter EX Series, because you kind of dress up as that character for Halloween.

  6. I am happy for you,but my intention is not offence woman and futa. I belive you are woman, but i say because the lesbians or homossexuals ,they no have some space in game. For me i think the people of the others games not believe in woman homossexuals or in futa is enough power. Repeat my intention not is ofence and yes defend.

  7. women are my beautiful sirens, be it women, lesbian, gay, or what you call hermaphrodites futanari, for me they are the wonders of nature. I did understand?

    1. a futa is not natural on this planet.

      You say you are not trying to offend me but you are doing exactly that.
      Because the position you are taking is that, what I want in my own game does not matter.

      I am already making a few compromises but I have my own limits.
      and what you are asking from me is too much. You need to accept this and move on.
      and I will not argue with you on this.

  8. I’m sorry if I offended you, as I said my intention is not to offend, just expressing my opinion. I sincerely apologize for that. As I said did not want to offend nor women, much less you use much sincerity and the eyes of a person who does not know me seem rude and thick. Again I apologize.

    1. No worries, yes I have received your opinion, and I understand it clearly thanks.

      in this fictional location there are no futas here or around the school. It does not mean I don’t like them. It does not mean I am trying to offend people that are like this in real life. It just simply means that there are none present at this location.

      I have no problem with futa in general, however futa is not a part of Umichan. Umichan is specifically designed for fans of non-alternative hentai. so please respect my own wishes.

  9. Respect all opinions, even those that do not have the same vision as mine. I do not think my opinion asdos or other, because I am Catholic. I have people who have the same vision as yours and we are great friends. sometimes joke saying that one day he will be born a hermaphrodite, and he and I laughed a lot. So do not get mad at me, just express what I see with sincerity. Many people do not understand me because of it. And you also said in accepting good, I think this text explains what I understand yes.

    1. It’s all right no need to apologize all the time. Everything anyways he already explain the reason why. Anyways welcome to the site.

  10. I thank the two, but usually like to use a method of payment that you do not have the (in my language boleto bancário) I dont know how you call in your language mabe is (bank slip), trust more in that form of payment. Why not trust anything on a credit card. I do not expect that fit ap like that but I’m loving being part of such nice people. Now ask one more thing to apologize vortex00 only now I read that the lesbian scenes were removed which were integrated provavelmentge, say that when I’m wrong I’m not ashamed to apologize. Many times as necessary.

      1. I did a goggle search sounds like a Brazilian Bank so I think he speaks Portuguese. So yeah Skullo I think you can help him.

        1. I dont know if patreon works with this kind of payment. This “boleto” he talks about is buying something, printing a bill, going to a place, paying and in a week, the content is open for use.

    1. Than you are in luck jccq89 is Brazilian he speaks Portuguese and English. Well he might help you better than me or the owner of this site Vortex00.

      Well Skullo I’ll leave his question to you. I guess do a PM on each other than let Vortex00 feed back what is what is up with his questions.

    2. Então cara, só tem aqueles dois sites onde você pode comprar as versões offline. No patreon tem o paypal, mas não sei se ele possibilita pagar com boleto. O Vortex disse que planeja disponibilizar a versão offline de graça nos próximos dias, mas que as pessoas que querem contribuir, podem ajudar para que os próximos jogos saiam muito melhores.

  11. Como eu disse estou disposto a pegar sua versão offline,mas fica a sugestão para vocês desse novo pagamento, não sei se ela aceitará a minha sugestão, mas como eu disse também gostei do pessoal desse site, só fiquei chateado de ter infelizmente irritado essa linda gatinha que é a Vortex00.

    1. O Vortex é um cara 😛
      A Maiko é uma personagem dele. Mas eu vou ver com ele sobre isso, mas acho que acabaria sendo muito complicado, não se se teria como fazer depósito em uma conta no exterior através de boleto.

      1. JJJJJ
        Like I said, I want to pay for the offline version, but there is my suggestion for you on this other way of payment, I dont know if you will accept it, but like i said, I liked the people from this website, I just got sad because i think i made this cute girl mad, Vortex that is.

        1. I said.
          Vortex is a man 😛
          Maiko is his creation. But i will talk to him about this, i think this all could be too complicated, i dont know if you could deposit the money on another country account using a printed bill.

  12. Não sei como ela é fisicamente, mas para mim a beleza está no que a pessoa pensa,não no corpo que irá desaparecer, não sei se concorda comigo.

    1. Então, o Vortex é bem gente boa mesmo. Ele tem boas idéias e sabe conversar quem não concorda com as dele, além de aceitar muitas sugestões.

      1. Yeah, Vortex is a great guy. He has nice ideas and know who to talk with people who doesnt agree with his, he accepts a lot of feedback too.

    2. JJJJJ
      I dont know how she is phycally, but for me the beauty is in how someone thinks, not a body which will disappear someday, don’t you agree?

    3. @JJJJJ
      This is very interesting perspective on life you have. yeah I never thought about how the mind might work differently in the absence of bodily things like hormones. I like to add concepts like this into my games. A character I have named Professor Light. or also know as the the “old man” might research something like this within the story.

  13. Então peço desculpas pelo meu erro de genero e sim o jogo que citei é o Dragonfable ele tem sede no exterior.

    1. Sem problemas cara. Mas então, não sei bem como ele funciona, mas ele é tipo como os jogos da Level Up? Pq eles podiam ser pagos tb, mas eram empresas e tal. O Vortex é só uma pessoa mesmo, não sei se funcionaria da mesma forma… Quando comecei a acessar o site, eu meio que fiz um cartão internacional, na época tinha um sistema vip aqui tb, mas agora é tudo free. Mas eu uso o cartão para várias compras online até hoje.

      1. Então cara, eu to tendo esse mesmo problema do JJJJJ. Eu queria pagar tambem, mas atualmente eu to com uns probleminhas financeiros, e tambem não tenho um cartão internacional, se eu tivesse pelomenos uns 5 Dollares eu doava, mas infelizmente agora não dá. Se desse pra pagar com boleto facilitaria bastante.

        1. Eu vou conversar com o Vortex e ver o que pode ser feito. É que atualmente ele anda ocupado trabalhando no update 2 do jogo, e ficar meio que correndo atrás destas outras coisas acaba tirando o tempo dele =/
          Mas eu fico feliz de ver que tem tanta gente querendo ajudar, ainda mais pessoal do Brasil, hehe.

          1. Sure thing mate, don’t need to worry about it for now.

            Maybe someday we could even translate Vortex games if we keep getting all those BRs feed back.

          2. Yep, I agree. I would like to translate the game if i had the opportunity. I didnt know people of brazil would play too.

    2. JJJJJ
      I am sorry for my mistake and yes, the game i told you about is Dragonfable and it is an international game.

  14. O ultimate pay ele pega o valor da empresa que disponibiliza o item em dolar, aqui ele converte em Reais e esses Reais pagos se convertem em dolar para a empresa do item.

  15. O ultimate pay ele pega o valor da empresa que disponibiliza o item em dolar, aqui ele converte em Reais e esses valores pagos se convertem no dinheiro inicial da empresa.

  16. Now a translation in English to Portuguese, Spanish hopefully users from around the world can help with the translation. Than Vortex00 would be in luck, so other users from other countries get to buy and try the flash games.

    Congrats Vortex00 looks like you have Brazilian customer.

  17. if something here was directed at me it needs to be translated. would take too long to google and would rather spend the time working on the update.. thanks.

      1. I use Google Chrome with Google Translate
        Chrome Extension Options.


        It have the ability with one click of a button to translate into English without leaving the page. It isn’t perfect but it works. I’m reading everything there are saying in English. But you do have a point Vortex00.

        Hey Skulla I think the users your talking to should try Google Chrome browser with the extension of Google Translate Extension. It

        1. Oh, thats a good idea. The problem is when visits the site for the first time, hehe. It would have sentences in portuguese and english all over the place 😛

  18. No problem. I told him that he had a form of payment for you to pay the ultimate form of payment that takes its value in U.S. dollars and converts here in Reais (money from my country) and when the amount paid back to you in your currency.

    1. Yeah, i was translating each sentence, but thats all what was talked about in the end. He wants to use ultimate pay to pay somehow. Not just him, but Swordsman too. My friends were sayinb paypal could work too, but the problem is. Paypal cant be used to buy 18+ material…

    1. @EpicSwordsman @jccq89
      translating the game would probably need to be something that happens last. Like when I am ready to move on to a sequel. because updating the game any further after it gets translated would be a complicated situation.

      1. Yeah mate, I thought as much. Anyways, once you’re done updating UMCC just give me and @jccq89 a call if you feel like translating the game.

    1. @Fixx420
      No worries FIxx, yes a lot of people might say something is complicated or expensive but not explain why.

      I mentioned it would be complicated because anything I add after the initial translation would mean the amount of code I need to write that handles dialogue is multiplied my how many different languages are in the game.
      I certainly don’t want to have multiple versions and languages of the game floating around. it already confusing enough. So if a single version had 4 languages for example, that mean the effort it takes to code it is multiplied by 4, for every time I want to show some new text on the screen.

      not to mention translating something in general Is a larger collaborative effort. I would need to go through the game end exact out all the text and make it so that based on what language you select it will show the text in that language. Also everyone translating would need to make sure they understand each line clearly. And also translators would need to make sure I understand what line it is that they translated so I can put each line into the game in the correct place.

      so basically doing all of this more than once, can be a complicated. heh. to say the least.

  19. Well shit… I bet so.
    Oh and there was something I wanted to ask you. How many sites do you want this game on? I saw it on newgrounds.com and on gamesofdesire.com oh and you know this website.

    1. I don’t really care however I can only offer support of the game being on here and newgrounds.

      I have a hunch that the game was ripped from newgrounds and placed on games of desire and from what I can tell the ability to save there is broken.

      why do you ask ?

      as long as there is no one profiting from selling the offline version there is not a big issue worth my attention when it could be better spent promptly replying to people and working on the game. Otherwise I will exercise my copyright. the “©SpiralVortexPlay” in pink letters at the right side of the game is not a joke, it is the real deal not just some creative commons stuff or something.

  20. Just wanted to make sure you were ok with them having it. Thought I would let you know just to make sure it wasn’t the offline version and you were losing money or something.

  21. jccq89 eu não sei se o Vortex00 aceitou minha sugestão, mas pelo que vi não sou o unico que acha uma boa idéia.

    Translation English: jccq89 I do not know if Vortex00 accepted my suggestion, but from what I saw I’m not the only one who thinks a good idea.

    Translation espanhol: jccq89 No sé si Vortex00 aceptó mi sugerencia, pero por lo que vi que no soy el único que piensa que es una buena idea.

      1. JJJJ: The ultimate pay it picks up the value of the company that offers the item in U.S. dollars, here it converts into Reais and paid these values ​​become the initial company money

        Jccq89:I’ll talk to him.

        If you go up a little more where JJJJ, Jcc189 and EpicSwordsman are talking this is what they are saying.
        JJJJ: So I apologize for my mistake, but the genre of game that I quoted is the Dragonfable he has incorporated overseas.

        Jcc189:Faceless problems. But then, I’m not sure how it works, but it’s kind of like the games of Level Up? Tb cuz they could be paid, but they were businesses and such. The Vortex is even one person, I do not know if it would work the same way … When I started to access the site, I kind of made an international card at the time had a vip system here tb, but now it’s all free. But I use the card for several purchases online today.

        EpicSwordsMan:So dude, I have the same problem to the JJJJJ. I also wanted to pay, but currently I to Financial glitches with some, and not also have an international card, if I had a 5-dollar pelomenos I donated, but unfortunately now it does not. If this docket to pay to facilitate rather

        Jccq189: I’ll talk to the Vortex and see what can be done. It’s that he’s currently busy working on update 2 of the game, and getting kinda chasing these other things just taking his time = /
        But I’m glad to see that so many people wanting to help even more people in Brazil, hehe.

        Then the rest of what they say is in english.

        1. Thanks man, i translated some stuff, but then JJJJJ resumed it all in a sentence before i could finish. But thats all the conversation, yes, hehe.

    1. @JJJJJ @Vortex00
      Então cara, nós não entendemos muito bem como usar o ultimate pay… ele parece ser um site que realmente ele pode vender coisas, mas todo o dinheiro que ele recebe só pode ser usado para comprar mais jogos…


      Well man, we didnt understand much how to use ultimate pay… it seems its a website where you can sell your stuff, but all the money you receive can just be used to buy more games…

    1. Desculpa a demora para te responder cara, os dias tem sido cheios, mas é o que o Vortex e o Joe já disseram, vc consegue o jogo pelos links que eles já te passaram. É isso ai.


      Sorry for taking so long to answer to you dude, the days have been busy, but is just what Vortex and Joe already said, you can get the game from the link they sent. Thats all.

  22. I have a radical suggestion less than that of the hermaphrodite to Vortex00. How about even Umi learn hypnotism to give a lesson on those who wanted to hurt her like that Kyle’s father played for Saviori?

    1. Ah you mean if Maiko does not report him ? What would she do to him after he is hypnotized?
      remember it It was Savori’s father not Kyle’s father. Her own father was doing it.

      1. Take him to school, go into the sex club, click “community service friend”. So in short he should be anal raped.

        1. he’d probably enjoy it. lol. he is also bisexual, that is why Kyle wanted to get away from him so quickly after finding out that out with Maiko.

  23. yep, you know me Vortex00, i know he is father of savori’s but not is one revenge if Maiko was a litle bad and make kyle’s gay, this is a beautifull revenge,no?

    1. Savori’s dad is bisexual. This is revealed if you have Kyle with you and work at the bookstore before reporting him.

  24. I know. but i say, maiko make kyle’s gay, not is a good revenge for maiko. If she is a litle bad. When i think i laugh.

    1. I think I am having trouble understanding the English translator you are using..
      can you type what you are trying to say in Portuguese ?

  25. No problem, eu disse que Seria engraçado se Maiko hipnotizasse kyle’s na vingança dela e o fizesse ser gay por causa do que ele disse dela que ela era “Uma deliciosa Carne”. Seria engraçado se a Maiko tivesse uma pequena pontinha má.Também disse que o hipnotismo poderia ser usado também na rival dela. Seria interessante, não é?

    1. Translation:
      No problem, i said it would be funny if Maiko hypnotized Kyle as her revenge and made him gay for calling her “delicious meat”. It would be funny if she could be a little evil. I said too that her hypnotism could be used on her rival too. It would be interesting, right?

      Well, i dont know about kyle being gay, haha. But i remember discussing the possibility of being a bully as Maiko herself, that could be fun to play like.

    2. Hmm. Maiko’s character is not evil or revenge seeking though. I don’t think getting revenge on her friends (or anyone really) fits her character personality traits. She is too nice. There are several opportunities in the game for Maiko to get revenge but she doesn’t. You might consider the part with David attacking her, or the part where her friend Pattie steals her clothes just to name a few.

    1. Translation: One question, how do you raise khalei, i have seen one image with lvl 10 khalei.
      Me: Well, the max lvl is 5, but maybe people used the password codes to get different lvls, i heard its possible.
      Eu: Olha, o máximo é lvl 5, mas talvez o pessoal usou os passwords para pegar outros levels, pelo que eu entendi é possível.

    1. Translation: And what this code could be?
      Me: I don’t know, i never tried to play with the codes, its up to people to find it.
      Eu: Eu não sei, eu nunca tentei mexer nos códigos, é mais pro pessoal tentar descobrir mesmo.

    2. there is a alphanumeric code that is generated each time you save the game, that you can copy to a text file. People can mess around with that code and reload the changed code to alter the game beyond what is normally possible.

    1. it is relationship experience you gain from having the popular teen book.
      you gain relationship experience every time you meet another character.

  26. Tenho uma pergunta e um comentário. A pergunta é: quando encontrar cada personagem tenho que ler o livro para cada personagem ou apenas ler uma vez o livro para todos?

    O Comentário: Vocês colocaram quase todas as modalidades de sexo entre homens e mulheres e entre elas apenas esqueceram que entre as mulheres o seio e os bicos dos seios são as partes mais sensíveis delas, lamber, sugar e até dar uns tapinhas nos seios (desde que sejam de leve) pode provocar o tesão.

    1. it is not necessary to read any of the books you buy from the bookstore. Reading them is optional for added story material.

      For the comment,
      so what is your suggestion?
      I don’t want to get too realistic. Clearly the breasts in the game are not designed to be realistic.

  27. Desculpe acho que não me entendeu, perguntei se por exemplo: pego uma garota e leio o livro, pego um rapaz, e leio o livro (teen book).É assim, ou somente é necessário ler uma vez ao dia o livro referido?

  28. quanto aos seios do jogo não serem reais, eu sei, amigo, mas oque eu sugeri não vale apenas para a realidade. Muitos jogos usam esse artificio.

    1. I don’t want to do anything like this in umichan…
      also please make sure you think about everything you want to say and try to make it into a single post.

    1. I actually can’t even stand playing that game more than a few minutes..

      Some people like it and that is okay, but it is not something I would enjoy making.

      like some of your other ideas, this goes beyond the scope of what I am willing to do for umichan.

  29. This is my last message if desired. Honestly I see that vortex00 are considering my suggestions and questions as a direct attack on him and his game. But never did it feel like he thinks so. And as I mentioned the site in no time forced him to do, was just a suggestion for him to see that my suggestion is not impossible. Still little, certainly he thought, this guy is a pervert. Far from it, I know what I speak, and I know what I am. Well, I wish luck to the Vortex00 heart.

    1. lol why do you get all dramatic every time I disagree with you?

      I don’t consider you comments as a attack on me or my game, I don’t think you are a pervert. I just don’t agree with what you want into add in the game. It happens. people disagree. It is not a big deal.

      I just want to be very clear about my answers so there is no confusion. I will not lead you into thinking I will do something when I really wont. Is that not good? If you don’t want me to answer you honestly, I can lie to you if it makes you feel better ?

  30. I not dramatic, just try make your site and game bether, i know others game and you can learn whith this experience my, but you not want neader think about if my sugestion can make your game bether. I put here many things whith make your game bether and site, exemple the new form of payment(you not think) the new for of plasure( include in many games, lick breast and nipple) I dont care if you not put hermafrodites and slap in breast. But you no reserve none time for think and make a demo for see if the people like and you too. I know this my sugestion not is for this game, but one question, who do the game?

    1. your form of payment does not work. myself, joe2k and jccq all looked at it and agreed that will work in this situation. There is no way to cash out the money put on a card, it can only be spent on online mmo games. I have no reason to play any of them. I would rather work on my own games.

      Also I have tried some of your ideas already in the past, and that is how I know I don’t like it for umcc. so stop claiming to know me or what I am thinking. You can also stop claiming to know what I have or have not tried. Because obviously you have no idea what you are talking about. And you look silly talking about stuff I haven’t tried that I actually did 3 years ago.

      this was made back in 2011

      it was featured in the Umichan Slap gallery. so please educate yourself a bit friend.

  31. Eu aceito a recusa se a pessoa tem um forte motivo para não aceitar, mas você não quer sequer pensar nas opções, porque se pensar é capaz de aceitar ou gostar das opções. Eu penso que você tem medo da mudança porque acha que vai falhar. Meu caro, muitas pessoas falham nos jogos, crian bons jogos e ruins, isso é que faz a pessoa crescer e desenvolver em seus jogos, não ter que ficar encurralado em um canto fazendo o mesmo tipo de jogo eternamente. Como acha que os desenhos japoneses foram criados? Errando é claro, eles aprenderam com cada erro que eles tiveram, aqui cito alguns exemplos, os desenhos da Monica, woodpacker, e muitos outros. O da Monica Vocês não devem conhecer porque é feito pelo Mauricio de Souza desenhista brasileiro. Mas o Woodpacker é conhecido mundialmente. Todos erraram para fazer um desenho melhor. Sei que o seu jogo não é um desenho, mas aprender vale para todo tipo de coisa.

  32. Aqui no meu país, sou conhecido por sempre escolher a opção(quando tenho uma escolha) pior, aquela que a pessoa não espera que eu responda. Quer mesmo me fazer escolher?

  33. Parece que você não entendeu, não é questão de gostar ou deixar de gostar do que você faz, para fazer uma copia do que você disse( o meu desejo é irrelevante) a questão é, que um dia o jogo vai ou não melhorar com minha sugestão? As sugestões das outras pessoas são muito boas, mas você é que não quer pensar em minhas sugestões. Eu só vou ficar observando.

    1. the one who does not understand is you. you do not understand because you claim to know me and what I am thinking but you actually don’t. I’m taking suggestions for umcc.

      do you know what that means? It means your suggestions might get added into the game, or not. It means I will need to decide if I want to add that or not.

      Literally everyone other person in the world can like a certain fetish, but if I am not okay with it, then I won’t add it in. That is why me trying something out to see if others like it is completely irrelevant. I work on this game in my free time. I don’t wan’t to spend my free time doing something I am not comfortable doing. I’m sorry it has to be this way, but it is what it is. Like I told you already, I have different levels of content and I am more open to other fetishes in different games. This game however is not one of those games.

      Boob rubbing in the shower, and the the yuri foreplay is good enough in the breast stimulation category for now. I really don’t want to add a dynamic neck and tongue and have to alter the hair for long hair characters just to add in licking. To make it any kind of decent animation it is more work that it seems. And as the person that has to actually do the work, I have to take into consideration more than just the idea. I have to also consider how I will actually do it. so that also weighs into my decisions.

  34. Tudo o que eu queria era uma resposta honesta e direta. Agora você fez isso,foi dificil fazer essa resposta direta. Agora sim sinto que respondeu minhas perguntas. Obrigado. Posso parecer um grosso, mas tudo que desejo é que sejam completamente sinceros comigo, nada mais. Mais uma vez se lhe ofendi, me desculpe, mas gosto de sinceridade e que a pessoa seja diréta comigo. Não gosto de rodeios.

  35. Sinceramente, rodeios me irritam muito, perco a cabeça quando isso acontece, somente quando sinto a sinceridade na pessoa, é que fico mais calmo. Privilegio a verdade acima de tudo, como sou diréto com as pessoas, gosto de exigir o mesmo delas. Sigo o lema que Jesus Cristo disse( não sei a sua religião) “Faça aos outros o que deseja que façam com você”. Tenho Pautado minha vida nessa frase. E gosto de receber também.

    1. are you serious?
      lol dude get off this divine revelation skit.
      you are not fooling me or anyone else here.

      if you hate rodeos then you should stop starting them.

      my answer was always been straightforward with you. You just didn’t accept it. In my post I am telling you the exact same thing differently because you were not able to accept it or just didn’t understand it or both. So I spent my time trying one last time to reply to you. (thanks to Joe)

      Do you even realize that you completely make up stuff in your head that I say or think, that I never said or thought, and then then get mad at me about it?

      you do this every single time I don’t agree with your suggestion.
      you can feel free to ask me why, without getting dramatic about it.

      It would be much easier for you to understand what I am telling you when you are not putting words in my mouth and accusing me of stuff I never said or thought about.

      if you want to know why I disagree with something just ask? you don’t have to start drama talking about the way of life and nature, how I am not open trying new things, even thoguh you have no idea what I have done in the past, or how I don’t think about stuff, or about some famous artist Monica and Woodpacker, or about how nature is, or if a certain group of people will like my game, or not offending someone, all this unnecessary stuff. And now you are talking about a religion you admitted you know nothing about? do even read what you type? it is comedy at it’s best.

      So let me see… I guess you would want other people to cry and complain and make up negative stuff about you, and accuse you of negative things, every single time you disagree with them right? because that is exactly what you have been doing to me the entire time. maybe you should take a another look at that motto you quoted friend.

  36. Eu tenho mais uma dúvida, se não é necessário ler nenhum livro comprado na livraria, como ganho relacionamento? Porque até agora só apareceu +2,+3, será que alguma vez chegará ao +5? e como conseguir esse número?

  37. Eu tenho o olhar certo sobre meu lema. Quanto a eu ser “Dramático” não o sou, e quanto a eu ser em suas palavras meio confuso. Quem não o é de vez em quando, isso faz parte da humanidade. Tenho defeitos, nunca disse ao contrário, mas tenho tentado corrigir meus defeitos. Quanto a fazer outras pessoas chorarem, não preciso. Não conheço bem a lingua inglesa, e como tal posso me confundir nas respostas. Não falo a lingua inglesa, mas meu lema continua.

    1. lol think whatever you want friend.
      you don’t take time to understand. you immediately just go off on a rampage, and falsely accuse me of stuff instead of just simply asking for clarification.

  38. E quanto a eu desejar a resposta, não quero, quero uma dica, uma direção a seguir, não é necessário a resposta. Se desejar dou uma sugestão da pista,por exemplo: Está no shopping, no colégio, ou no park, apenas isso que desejo, uma direção a seguir.

    1. @Vortex00
      Translation: And about asking for a answer. No, i don’t want it, i just want a hint, something to follow, not the proper answer. If you wish, I can give you a suggestion of how to give a hint, for example: Its on the mall, at the school, at the park, that all i want, something to look for.

      Me: I believe this has something to do with his questions, he just want hints, not the full answer to them. When he asked about the book, I guess.
      Eu: Eu acredito que tenha algo haver com as perguntas dele, ele apenas quer dicas, não a reposta completa delas. Quando ele perguntou sobre os livros, eu acho.

  39. This is a translation the last quest:What about the answer I want, I want, I want a hint, a direction to follow, the answer is not necessary. If you want to give a hint of the track, for example: You are at the mall, at school, or in the park, just that I want a direction to follow.

  40. E quanto a lhe acusar falsamente, em nenhuma das vezes deixei de pedir desculpas. Em todas as vezes eu o fiz. Sei reconhecer meus erros. E se não o fiz dessa vez( eu tenho certeza que fiz) eu faço novamente. Me descupe se lhe ofendi.

    1. I don’t understand this either. make sure you spell things correctly I would guess.
      But I really don’t feel like going all night with you anyways. lol.

      Either way the topic is completely off topic and I need to delete literally all of this when I have time. And when I do you don’t need to start this again. So I am telling you right now.

  41. Vou explicar mais claramente: Se por exemplo eu procurar no shopping jogar no arcade é possivel ganhar relacionamento( não que seja esse exemplo) Ou então em alguns lugares do colégio, ou pegar uma certa pessoa no park. Isso são exemplos apenas, não que seja exatamente assim. Issoque chamo de direção. Para me dar a direção, apenas é necessário dizer o lugar, nada mais.

    1. the place for what? what are you talking about? you assume Iknow the first part of the question but I don’t. you need to mention what you want a hint for.

    2. @JJJJJ
      Cara, eu expliquei pra ele ali encima, sem problemas. Mas tipo, uma coisa que tá acontecendo e eu que eu andei lendo. Desculpe por não interferir nas discussões mais cedo, mas é o seguinte… Você precisa escrever muito claramente em português, se você quiser que faça algum sentido quando ele traduzir ou quando você mesmo usar seu tradutor para falar com ele, ou então haverão muitos desentendimentos entre vocês. Pelo que vi o tradutor que você está usando não é muito bom, mas também é necessário falar corretamente a mensagem… senão fica tudo zoado…
      Mas é o seguinte cara, poxa… foi complicado ler aquilo lá encima. O Vortex é um dos autores que eu vejo que está mais aceitando sugestões, mas existe um problema. Não é que suas sugestões não sejam boas e ele nem está cogitando. Mas são coisas que ele já tentou antes em outras versões do jogo e também você precisa se colocar no lugar dele, são muitas sugestões e pouco tempo para trabalhar no jogo, ele seleciona as que acha melhor e ele te explicou que as suas não vão com o estilo que ele quer passar com o jogo, não é sua culpa ou das idéias. É apenas assim cara… muitos autores tentam passar algo com seus jogos e como ele não concorda com algumas coisas, não só suas idéias, não tem nem o que discutir, Entende?
      Por favor, vamos ficar de boas por aqui, você parece um cara de boas, não vamos começar outra discussão. E eu também não quero que você desapareça ou sei lá. Fica por aí, mas por favor, entenda o lado dele.

  42. jccq89 ;Como expliquei acima, agora que ele explicou detalhadamente o processo, eu entendo. Mas também entenda meu lado, ele apenas dizia que não queria fazer, isso se constitui uma resposta incompleta. Sei que ele não é obrigado a dar razões para mim. Mas ficar com pontos de interrogações na minha cabeça, eu não gosto. O que sentiria se uma pessoa dissesse a você que apenas não quer fazer? Sim, eu entendo o lado dele.

    1. Eu entendo, mas ele falou algumas vezes que isso não condizia com o contexto que ele queria passar com o jogo e tal.
      Para falar a verdade, eu já ouvi muito isso de outros artistas. Muito mesmo. Nem sempre eles vão dar uma razão, mas ele falou ali encima, é como eu disse, é toda essa confusão de tradução. Mas espero que esteja tudo ok agora. Você passou o que você queria, eu expliquei pra ele. E você também já entendeu. 🙂

    1. Vou corrigir um pouco.
      He said “Vortex, how i said earlier, I only want a hint for my questions, not full answers.”

    1. Sem problemas cara. O problema de usar um tradutor, mesmo este sendo o google. É que ele pega todas as palavras e traduz literalmente, então dependendo de como você monta a frase, pode ficar uma coisa totalmente sem sentido. Eu também uso ele, mas faço muitos ajustes no resultado que ele me dá, para que ter algum sentido. Infelizmente é assim…

      Ah, sem esquecer que todas estas páginas funcionam como se fossem um fórum, então não devemos falar coisas que não tem nada haver com o tema em questão. Até agora de boa, mas não vamos alongar o papo, isso aqui é para falar dos personagens customs do jogo, hehe. Então, até mais!

  43. I am not sure what I’m going to ask is within the purposes of this topical,but how i get the joining club?

    1. there is a option to join clubs when talking to people.
      they will also tell you what the requirements are if you do not already meet them.
      Club leaders have a black ribbon in their arm.

    2. Cara, joining club é o ato ou ação de entrar em um club, você entrou em vários durante o jogo, é só isso. Quando você clica em join club, você está joining club. Não é um item e tal.

      Translation: Dude, joining club is just the action of joining a club, you did that through the game with other clubs, its just that. When you click in join club, you are joining club. Its not a item or anything.

    1. Então, o clube de futebol americano só é mencionado e não existe. Joining club não é um clube, mas só o a ação de entrar em um clube.

      Translation: So, the football club it’s just mentioned and doesn’t exist. Joining club it’s not a club, but the action to join a club.

    1. I don’t understand what you are trying to say, or ask. your original post was a question. Obviously I didn’t understand that either. so you would need to try to ask it differently

      1. Sorry to get in the way but where are you from JJJJJJ? I’m willing to help you communicate if we both are speaking the same language.

    2. What? OK the football club is nowhere in this flash. Because Vortex00 never made a mini flash for the football game. Why not? Because it is not part of the plot for Maiko and in the story there is a football team. But as soon as you try to join that club. They laugh saying heh your crazy. It’s his way of saying no. No girls allowed it’s all boys. There is a cheerleader club you can join.

      Please don’t start asking to put the USA football into this flash. It is not being made because there are other things Vortex00 is doing. Few there I answer as many question as possible. Before things get out of control like the last time.

    3. O pessoal está encontrando dificuldades em entender suas perguntas JJJJJ, elas estão escritas em uma forma estranha em inglês e acabam confudindo muito… Mas este clube que você está procurando não existe.

      Translation: Everybody is having dificulties to understand your questions JJJJJ, they are written in a strange way in english and end up confusing a lot… But this club you are looking for doesn’t exist.

  44. I’m looking for joining club, but when I found each character leader of the club, I have not found any that tell us that it was the joining club only found a boy who was leader of the club of football, but did not find what I wanted.

    1. Joining club não é um tipo de clube, por isso não está no jogo. É só a forma que foi escrito mesmo na frase, parece ser um clube, mas é só entrar em um clube.
      Alguns clubes são citados no jogo, mas não existem ainda, são apenas menções de algo que possa vir a existir no futuro, no segundo jogo talvez, como o clube de dança. Mas eles não foram criados ainda. Por isso falam do clube de futebol americano, mas não tem líder um líder para entrar. Todos os clubes existentes estão no botão clubes no ipad da Maiko, o único que não é citado lá é o clube do sexo, pois é secreto.

      Translation: Joining club its not a club, thats why its not in the game. Its just the way it was written on the phrase, looks like a club, but its just joining a club.
      Some clubs are mentioned in the game, but they dont exist yet, they are just mentions of something that might exist in the future, in the second game maybe, like the dance club. They werent made yet. That why they talk about the football club, but it doenst have a leader you can ask to join it. All the clubs are on Maiko’s ipad clubs button, the only one that is not mentioned there is the sex club, because its secret.

  45. O que estou falando é que estou procurando o joining club, mas devido a minha procura por todos os personagens só encontrei um rapaz que falava que a personagem jaimais entrarioa no clube de futebol. Mas como meu objetivo não é o futebol, não encontrei nenhum que falasse do joining club.

    1. there is no football club in the game. Whichever club you are looking for is probably not in the game. Some characters will speak about a club that Maiko can’t join, or is not included in the game. Joiry talks about football and Roise talks about Theater club. both of those are not part of the game.

    2. Esse clube não existe mesmo cara. É só parte de uma frase que talvez você tenha entendido errado e acabou achando ser um clube.

      Translation: That club doesnt exist man. Its just part of a phrase you maybe misunderstood and thought it was a club.

  46. Não entendi errado amigo jccq89 essa pessoa que falou sobre o futebol tinha uma bandagem negra no braço.

    1. Então, ele pode até ter, mas ele não era o líder do clube de futebol. Porque tecnicamente quem seria o líder deste clube é o Joiry, mas ele não tem a bandana. Essa pessoa deve apenas ter comentado sobre este clube com você e era líder de outro clube.
      Na tela de clubes temos: Battle Clube (Chris), Student Council (Riley), Publishing Club (Kyle), Nanako Rock Band (Greel), Swim Team (Zytra), Track Team (Pattie), Boxing Team (Jeni), Game Club (Leyah), Cheer Squad (Luma) e outro que não está na lista e é secreto é o Sex Club (Jeni).
      Qualquer outro clube mencionado durante o jogo é apenas para gerar conversas com o jogador ou podem ser adicionados no segundo jogo, quem sabe… Mas por hora são apenas estes mesmo.
      Eles comentam futebol e teatro, acho que talvez até dança. Mas estes não existem mesmo.

        1. Esse clube não existe, expliquei melhor ali embaixo. Não é nem o nome de um clube na vida real, hehe. É uma confusão com inglês.

    1. São, mas cada um é líder de um clube especifico como eu listei ali encima. As vezes podem comentar algum outro, mas só para conversar mesmo.

  47. Além do mais na lista de clubes que acabei de ver não está relacionado Joining club no jogo offline que peguei de vocês.

    1. Joining club não existe. É que tipo, em inglês a gente fala “tema” + club, para dar nome ao clube. Mas join = fazer parte/entrar. Então o certo seria “join club” = entre no clube. Joining = entrando, e por isso não pode ser descrito como clube e também não existe, hehe. Espero que tenha esclarecido. Por isso não esta na lista, não existe.

      1. Obrigado amigo, realmente fiquei na duvida, tinha achado que eu havia enlouquecido………………….risos

          1. Tem uma duvida que não está lá, nas fotos que temos que tirar no parque tem uma dizendo “Make your support cum” o que é isso? A maiko? se for ela, como faço isso em pleno parque?

      2. Não, support é seu parceiro. Tudo que você tem que fazer é trazer um garoto para o parque, virar para ele, tirar a camisa e fazer qualquer ação, ele vai ver e começar a se masturbar, quando o coração encher ele vai gozar, dai você tira uma foto.

    1. Ah, isso é verdade, me desculpe. JJJJJ, perguntas tem que ser referentes ao local em que você posta, como você faz perguntas sobre o jogo, faça as perguntas em um desses posts. Esse aqui é sobre os personagens customizáveis. Estamos sendo off-topic. 🙁

  48. @JJJJJ
    post your suggestions in a more relevant thread please.
    I am only allowing posts about custom characters in this post from now on.

    please post in a more recent post like everyone else.

    1. … Um you literally had to scroll down past the part that tells you how to make them, just to post that comment…

  49. I want to have multiple characters to the game. hard to find on your own variations. on what will happen mm. would be happy to receive a number of new as you could put yourself in different conditions and events facing a replay of the game.

    Sincerely Kim

    1. I’m not certain I understand what you wrote. If it is a translation please type it in your native language.

      1. in the UmiChanClassroomCheater8X3, you can place your own characters that you have established yourself by placing text documents in UMCC_inport. I wanted those characters that you meet in school etc. such that both tell stories and those who are a bit dodgy

          1. it can be difficult for me to get a good translation in English sometimes. but I will do my best.

            I have the downloaded version of the UMCC. My thought huh completing the game with new characters as others had done. I have added some myself but they become predictable after that I have made them. would litter with a library of small text document, which you can download with characters like other uploaded.
            as an example, I have done two who goes around and spreads koment that Maiko is pretty. and someone who pulls down her shirt or top.
            would be great if others made some characters could share them to.
            then if you want to expand opportunities in programming, it would be litter, if you like Maiko could answer yes or no and get different answers back.

            or the possibility that some guy comes up and wants a nude picture of one girl and one could say yes or no to sell it.

            could be litter contrary, the case could have had pictures of guys with girls and wanted them
            will soon be many more opportunities to do something fun as a private person to offer new characters to others without having to do all the hard work. and it becomes more like a school if you put 100 students from other classes that may come up and talk to one in from.

            there are probably many who have better imagination than I do and can find on much trickier things to say hello Maiko. cute sweater you have today. and take it.

          2. these are good ideas. But you don’t need to translate to English, most of the time it is better to type in what language you are best at.

          3. I’m Swedish, but has something called dyslexia. means that I can not spell so good, which in turn allows the translation programs can not translate what I write.
            have no difficulty reading English so then I see right away where it stands on the Swedish somewhere in the text, but it takes time.

          4. Another thing that would be nice is if you could get into a program code for each person could emerge. now it is just at school what I can see, but would litter to place them in the mall or the park. extreme cases at home. also good case could place them in more one one place that the swimming pool gym or the football field.

  50. I hope this is ok to ask here. I am trying to get a custom character to use the fap arm setting but it seems to not work for me. Any suggestions?

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