MMD: Luma Dance Practice



A long time coming. Evo Luma
The previous MMD version of Luma I didn’t feel was up to par mainly because of the glitchy hair, so I barely used her. But now after a lot of editing, she is ready to put in that work. The back part of the hair took me forever. Had to rig it and add physics and joints myself, and make sure it flows properly when she turn and spins around and stuff. I’m not totally done with editing her yet though.

Luma is described as the most popular student at the school, really good at everything, and better than Maiko at everything. So I wanted to make sure her videos were pretty awesome. But I really wasn’t trying to outdo the Maiko videos here. I was just having some fun using a lot of effects and camera angles I like. Most of the time I would just edit a camera that came with the motion but a lot of these didn’t have a camrea motions. So I had to make nearly all of the camera angles and stuff from scratch. 3 out of 4 are made from scratch with the other being heavily edited.

I need to change the video player settings here at some point because for some reason it makes the white in the videos look kind of greyish.