Umichan 3D wip 1


this is a windows build, I was having trouble building a web player version. I need to drop back a version in unity3d. actually the suggested version is 4.3 and I have 4.6 but the backgrounds work only in 4.5


Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying to play it. This is actually a common problem I am seeing.

wasd – move
hold shift + move to run
mouse – camera
escape – brings up menu. nothing but the quest log is tested.
E – navigate through dialogue.
mouse click options – select responses to dialogue.


at the start of the game go talk to kyle. you will need to find the classroom. Chris is standing in front of it on the far side of the level.

talk to chris and select the only answer choice. you can optionally move away from chris and talk to him again for a different dialogue.

go talk to kyle again to complete the quest.

you can optionally move away from kyle and talk to him again. to get a new dialogue. saying yes will unlock the hentai that isn’t the game yet… heh.


as you can see I’m no unity3D master. I was working on a 3D unichan game. A lot of it was a learning process. The dress physics is kind of shit. not much I can do about it. I’ll have to fix it outside of unity.

I was trying to make it where you can run around and do quests and have sex with people. but that is hard as balls. Not the quest part. but the hentai parts. I got hung up on trying to figure out how to actually do that.

moving the character to a different location and disabling the keyboard motions and movements and replacing them with hentai motions etc.

The game actually could be pretty good if I change up how I’m trying to do the hentai.
I’m thinking the easiest way to do this is have all the hentai in each zone takes place in a single area. I will start with the sex club for the school area.

For example when you find the classroom and go back and talk to kyle and he asks for sex, you basically “unlock” sex with Kyle in the sex club. It is optional to go and actually do it. even easier is to put this room under the level so I don’t even have to switch scenes, I just switch cameras and disable the main player maiko. The problem with that thoguh is there are two of every character in the level. it is not optimized but workable within the scope of what I am able to do.
But it kind of makes sense anyways because the other version of the character would me nude or partially dressed. I will try it tonight possibly. I already figured out teleporting to different locations.