got my teeth pulled yesterday morning. It is the night of the next day. So far no major pain, or swelling, blood blots are holding. got all the times I need to make meds programmed into my phone. managed to eat some hotdogs because I got tired of ice cream and applesauce. and I am already back working on stuff.

Pinoytoons finished the unique animation for Sui-may. I think the covers everyone having at least one unique, I will make the Luma’s non shared since she only has one. I believe many wanted to see more of the main girls so I will try for some like that next.

Alukard finished a cum animation for the Ari lover animation edit. I will try to finish that scene for the next update. He also mentioend somehting about adding facial expressions for the helmet agents.

also working on the version of ARIA with the new art and planet exploration. This version will not have raids and being raided. also the primary enemies will be be non humanoid.

still need to connect a few more of the sex scenes here and add tutorials before it is read for release.