January 1, 2024

7 thoughts on “Umichan Savor the Moment on Newgrounds

  1. Yay!
    I cried when Savori gives up! [Maybe I’m about to enter my period,too]
    So, Albert does it with Savori since she was a little girl? I think her mom is alive, but unable to reveal it to her.

    1. Yeah the Savori bad end is something you don’t see every day in a hentai game. I tried to make Albert a pretty villainous character on par with the other execs. It even comes up in the Rookie where the Rookie is there when he gets taken into custody. Maiko never sees this. It is one reason why I like to have games focusing on different characters and not just try to pile everything into one game.

  2. With UMCH pretty much done and the release of smaller parts of it to NG, your Patreon earnings should start going up again. I noticed it unfortunately decrease recently.

    Anyway, I gave 5 stars and a little play. Nice work.

    1. Finish a game and people leave + start of the month for the combo hit. That is why many creators on patreon tend to prolong finishing a game as long as they can. It is much safer financially to keep adding stuff to the same game for as long as possible. You never actually finish it. Sometimes is a high risk because you have several people working on the team that rely in the patron’s support.

      I think it will eventually become clear I work on many different things and I won’t have this issue because I am trying to get better about communicating what I am working on. The problem is try to balance that with actually, working on it. It takes time to make updates posts. sometime even several hours.


      this game description post took 10 hours to type up for example. getting all the pics and ideas together and typed out, etc. Can a lot of game development done in 10 hours.

      1. I think you deserve a lot more credit.
        UMCH seems like something a team would work on. But it was mostly you, with Ttrop’s art and help from people on this.
        You have a lot going on but still take the time to read and reply to all the comments.

    1. Ah I didn’t see it show up there. already got a shit “review” too lol. if you can even call it that. annoying.

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