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Site Updates

Livestream: Sentinel modeling

watch z3r0theblade model a sentinel for upcoming 3D games.

UMCH updates

The next UMCH version will in addition to other stuff, have the stuff below also. Added the rest of the tutorials needed….

UMCH updates

UMCH is about done I just need to make tutorials and have ways to review certain animations. Hopefully I can take the…

no image

Small Updates

@jccq89 pointed out a lot of bugs and issues for me to fix in UMCH. I have been working on that. It’s…

watergun game small updates

I remember reading a suggestion to have some swimsuits completely as a skin texture, and yeah that is a viable thing to…

UMCH updates

I think I’m done with the Journal stuff now and I can have it internally tested for bugs. The David quest was…

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UMCS and Agent Trainer High scores fixed

I was brought to my attention a while ago that the scores for Agent Trainer and UMCS were not working correctly. I…

Umichan 3D ideas, Feedback Requested

With completion on UMCH in sight, I have been looking at some of my other projects I didn’t get to explore more…

MMD: Fast Sex (Zytra/Tsugo)

  still need to edit the sounds but figured i would post it since idk when I will get to editing the…

ARIA Art updates (Tiffany 2)

Glasses added! Please post your thoughts. Any constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks!

The Evolution of Umichan Maiko

Maiko is turning 10 years in 2017! And to celebrate this special occasion, SpiralVortexPlay prepared this timeline with a bit of her…

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