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2018 wrap up

end of the year wrap up video. 1hr long video really quick summary: this year was spent griding making various VN games….

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Why small games?

jccq89 brought to my attention a concern as to why I am not trying to making some larger and UMCH or ARIA….

All about Khalei

I wanted to finally make a post all about Khalei in the JLCK lore (Umichan/ARIA/Semitix/etc). I tried to describe things in order…

Top-Down shooter?? POV game project ideas!

In this post I wanted to go over my ideas for the pov game project. Mostly focusing on combat gameplay. Looks like…

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When are you going to finish? When is the next update??

Haven’t may many posts lately because posting and replying to comment actually takes hours, sometimes days. and I needed to really catch…

Arielle game description

pre-alpha playable concept demo: Press R to reload the gun!sV4nEQrK!jGxtKtMMxu7sqLHlorhTSlo7gzF4kYVnsEW12Dj3vXs Overview: I’m planning for this to be a major 3D hentai…

Jeni Game description

Overview: So while UMCH has been wrapping up with countless bug fixes. A lot of of some new projects have been getting…

UMCH dialogue thoughts for Casual/Bikini

This post is for Dialogue ideas for characters in locations in UMCH where they have on casual clothes and/or bikinis. This is…

How to get high sex exp with Maiko in UMCH

Earlier I had mentioned there are some things in the game people may not know about. This is one of those things….

Agent Trainer dialogue thoughts and things on my list to do.

updating Agent Trainer is next of my stuff to do list. but I want to make sure my issues list is not…

UMCH dialogue thoughts for Rhythmic Gymnastics

this is for Rhythmic Gymnastics club dialogue ideas. previews examples: For those with ideas these are some things to note: Members…

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