January 2, 2024

8 thoughts on “Amp tactics trainning mini

  1. It’s a start for a new mini game arcade that’s for sure. As you can see I didn’t try as hard just testing to see if there is any bugs. If you don’t move and just shoot. You end up not be able to shot. However to fix that just move than select a target than end turn your ship will shoot again.

    1. correct, it does not auto target ships. so when the ship you are shooting at gets destroyed you need to select a new ship to target.

  2. Strangely addictive. I found if I choose a large number of ships, then after I’ve killed most of them, it will reach a point where the game won’t progress, no matter what I click. Except for clicking ‘End’. And then the score is zero. :/

      1. Woops, sorry for the late reply! I forgot I commented here. I started out with 12, still had it with 10 and I think I still had it with 8 but I can’t remember. I think I managed to finish it with 6 without any issues.

        1. seems like the auto targeting is just getting messed up.
          are you assigning the ship a new target ? check and make sure Amp’s ship has a target. you can do that by clocking the ship. there should be a line to the targets ship with a blue cross hair.

          If there isn’t you might need to assign it manually by pressing target and clicking a enemy ship.

          1. The game wouldn’t let me re-assign the ship I target IIRC. I’ll have to replay it when I have time so I can be more specific for you.

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