January 2, 2024

10 thoughts on “Love Quest Shooter

        1. most of the time I do some large number minus the time it take you to complete. plus some score. so it might be time plus the amount of heat you have left.
          meaning how well you dodged snowballs. probably would make luma a bit harder for the mini. and you need to hit her more times.

    1. Thanks, this arcade game is actually no new, heh. I just hadn’t moved it over to the blog yet. It’s been sitting in my old forum for a while now. I might take a look at the other games in there and see what I can extract to make.

      I don’t think people liked the shooting game much heh. then there was the fighting mini game. I think it had too much exploits though. Maybe I can do something with the talking game where you need to look at their faces. I need to think of how to make it competitive though and less random.

  1. Honestly a big part of why I was so excited to see this mini surface was because of nostalgia. To me all of the subsections of that game were really fun, even the fighting mini with the anti-spam mechanic lol.

    The conversation one was a classic as well, was super original at the time despite being pretty simple to catch on to. The reason that game was so popular though was definitely the characters, always fun when they each have their own personalities that you could observe in pretty much every interaction. That was one thing that made the space battle mini cool in the game since you got a different powerup from each of the different characters… even if Jura’s upgrade was kinda broken haha

    1. yeah I lot of effort went into that game. It was definitely designed to be a cut above the usual stuff being produced at the time.

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