Amp tactics trainning mini

Amp tactics training miniAmp will lure out ships. How many can you take on?

destroy as many ships as possible.

!how to play!

this mini game is only in a alpha state.

this game takes place in a series of turns. after each turn the enemy and the player ship will shoot a laser at their target.
so make sure you have a target at all times.
after you destroy the ship you were targeting you will need to select a new target.

allow to ship to move to any highlight position.
click the ship then the destination to move to.
stay away from enemy ships to survive longer.
you can only move once per turn


acquire a new target. after selecting the button. click the player ship first, then the enemy ship you would like to target.
the button should turn back grey if successful.
you can check each ships current target by clicking on the ship.


ends the turn all ships in firing range will shoot their lasers at their respective target(s).

High Scores

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