Umichan 3D wip 5

not really done here, there is still a issue with Pattie following Maiko but I wanted to publish this if even just to see the issues I am having first hand.

i also wanted to try different builds for different OS this time.

Download (windows) Download (linux) Download (mac) Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying to play it.


I haven’t tried linux and mac. I can offer no support about how to get those working if you are having trouble since I don’t have linux or mac. I would recommend google’ing how yo run unity3d builds on your OS platform.

Also Kyle is not yet placed where he can be found so the game ends after Riley tells Maiko to look for Kyle.

My plans for the rest of this is to have Maiko able to find Kyle somewhere in some hentai scene then Maiko goes back to Riley and some yuri scene. That will be all for main quests. then I will sprinkle a few npcs in the game and call it a day.


the problem with Pattie, aside from the minor issue of her not always switching to the idle animation when Maiko stops, is that when Maiko runs to a higher elevation and back down. Pattie stays at the higher elevation. There is also a issue when Maiko travels to a lower elevation.