Going out of town, Pill Results, and the lore behind UMCH and ARIA

Going out of town:
as mentioned here in the link below i will be going out of town to a family reunion July 22-24th

During that time my replies may be more delayed and I am unsure how much I will be able to do.

Pill Results:

Based on the pills results and taking into consideration the several comments that I read, here’s what I plan to do.

Pregnancy will remain as game over mechanic but players will have the option to give Maiko a shot that will cause her to not be able to become pregnant for the duration of the game. This may or may not be reversible. This shot will most likely be available after a certain point in the game. Not too far, but too soon for the mechanic to not even matter at all. As many of you know i’m not a fan of it but it will definitely not be too far, but since I am bothering to make it, I feel it needs to be relevant a bit before the option to remove it is there. I hope this makes sense.

Think of it like advancing to the next stage/area in a game. The previous boss or nothing from the previous area can kill you anymore. unless you go back or something. but getting the shot would be relatable to getting to the next area in a game.

I’ve been thinking about having the shot available after or during the Nighttime Menace quest that focuses on David, Jeni, Holly, and a few other characters.
Also David probably will not begin attacking Maiko until her melee is at a certain amount. Similar to the Affluently Ineffective quest Maiko needs to have 15 melee.

Also The there will be unique pregnancy dialogue scenes added for specific main characters, any others character will default to what is currently present in the game.

I’m not sure if many are aware but I should mention that I plan to add a nurses office in UMCH where the futa character from ARIA, Remi will be assigned. She may or may not only be there during certain times of the day. But she will be there primarily researching the traces of Khalei from Maiko’s hairpin. More about this will be described in Day 2 of the Rookie VN.

hopefully most people can be satisfied with this. Feel free to post thoughts. people’s thoughts/opinions is what I went off of mostly as usual, so it is very important to post why you are for or against something and not just only click a option on the poll.

The story behind UMCH and ARIA:

I wanted to kind of explain why what factors I think about when reading suggestions for Maiko H scenes or various other H scenes in for UMCH.

and for those aware there is nomination and voting for stuff in the $10 tier where I try to work in the winning ideas posted as best as possible while fitting the lore.
So far at most I only needed to change the perspective/angle on one of the ideas, because I don’t plan to have any male POV here while playing as Maiko.

And playing as Maiko is what I wanted to touch on in this section. it will be mostly a copy/pate from a reply I made earlier.

People here may or may not know UMCH is essentially a remake of UMCC. And UMCC was originally created to explain Maiko, and the characters around her that influences her, to better explain the situation in a game planned for later on.
In trying to do that task, UMCC is extremely self-defeating due to trying to add in all the different hentai requests people wanted. that really didn’t take this in account.

So Maiko became this character that is not explanatory of her future self.

I think unlike a lot of other artist, the story in UMCH or ARIA doesn’t stop, or even begin with that game. I think with most artist the lore of the story or the ideas actually begin with the the game they are currently working on. For me, I am trying to bridge gaps.

This of it like working on star wars episode 3 when 1,2,4,5 and 6 are done.

There is already material that happened before it and after both UMCH and ARIA.
Here is a list I whipped of from the top of my head of the order of events:

keep in most of this stuff is old as balls and crappy.

Ralamar Elemental Guardians (old journal)

Ralamar crystal hunter (old rpg toolkit game)

Semitix (a erotic novel, current being revised into a VN)

Daughter of Eve (my first attempt at making a fighting game from scratch, non hentai)

UMCC/CH (adventure RPG/VN) – The Rookie (wip VN)

(a game not created yet will be here)

Advance Rogue Intelligence Assault (RTS) (also has side stores)

UM Snowball holiday (adventure RPG) – Advance Rogue Intelligence Operation (top down shooter)

UM Dark Winter (a video animation, there is a 2D and 3D version)

(a game not created yet will be here)

JLCK: Gheist Prologue (crappy multimedia fusion game from a long time ago)

all the stuff except for the very bottom and top items I have made posts about. and where the lore comes from that can drives my current games like ARIA and Umichan stuff.

Piecing them all together will tell a single story.

This lore plus more is what allows me to get very specific on events that happen which can make the universe and story deep, but it is a double edged sword because it be the reason I might not want to implement something if it will cause it to not bridge correctly. because it disconnects from what happen later. or is wildly out of character with previous decisions that character made.

Even thoguh Maiko is fairly sexually active, she is not on the extreme levels some of you all might be looking for. Where the character might run around naked, or be a futa, and whatnot. These things don’t line up with why I am even making the game at all folks.

However, I have mentioned this a few time earlier briefly but I did plan for UMCH to have more than just Maiko playable. I plan to have a subset of the game where a player can take control of other more perverted, more carefree characters, where thing not totally have to fit within the boundaries as Maiko needs to. As he otehr characters, player would be able to travel to some of the same locations as Maiko. But would have their own unique set of activities and scenes. Most likely not as complex and as much stuff as when playing as Maiko, but it would focus on more of what might not fit for Maiko to do. such as the running around nude stuff, etc.

The characters I had in mind for this were Kyle, and one of the BG girls to be added later. the one with the black hair and pink ribbon. The same that is playable in Umichan 3D online for those familiar with the game. Both kyle and this girl would be able to do things that would not make sense for Maiko to do. And I’m sure UMCH would be interesting especially playing from not only from a males perspective but Kyle’s perspective.

feel free to post thoughts on this idea.