Workflow Explanation

wanted to make a post that kinda explains my workflow.
Basically I a have big thing I work on. and while that is happening I will often complete smaller stuff on the side.

While smaller stuff may seem like they take up unnecessary time, they actually serve to keep the main projects from being monotonous to me. Even the most interesting stuff in the world can kinda drag if that is all you do. So I mix it up a bit.

Some people were wondering why certain projects I started are still unfinished. It is because they are likely main projects, and I only work on one of those at a time. Below are list of main projects and smaller stuff. The first 3 listed in the main project are in order I plan to work on them. I expect to be done will all of the top 3 during next month. UMCH will be posted on or before Oct 1.

Main stuff:
Finish UMCH bug fixes
polish ARIA
finish The Rookie

finish Semitix
Swim game
Jeni game

side stuff ranges from a number of different things:
MMD videos
small game demos
proof of concepts
unity3d stuff
Flash arcade games
SVP girls
Thoughts & Analysis

below is an example pic of how this get lined up.