small updates

going to be taking a much needed break today and just play some games or something. I kind of chilled yesterday also. However things are still getting done in the art department. will probably post umichan wild peach next week after adding in some suggested additions. I might actually try to add those in later today. and wherever I’m at with ARIA is also something I have scheduled to be out at least in the first half of May to mid May. planning to add a few more stages to have 6 or so at the very least. and more will be added later. A magical kitty type game will be used to find resources in abandoned space stations and asteroids. That will allow me to make the base raids a little more difficult as something you need to prepare a character for by buying the bombs, maybe recovery items, etc. idk. lol

Magical Kitty

probably at leave 2 levels for asteroid and 2 for space station.
with random hazards and resources boxes in each.

ttrop is getting character art done. I think maybe 7 or so character nudes are done. The clothing later will be easy peasy. the stuff is looking good.

to my knowledge pinoytoons is still working the ARIA scene in between his other stuff.