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New Character Casual Clothing!

Vortex00 and ttrop have been working the past days on designing the casual clothes for some characters! Here are some previews~ So,…

Video update!?

video update.

Updates and Production Schedule 2019

I wanted to give some updates on where I am at relative to a post I made on a topic towards the…

Umichan Sorani updates on the way

I wanted to make a few updates to umichan sorani people mentioned to me. Also there are some bug fixes. I added…

2018 wrap up

end of the year wrap up video. 1hr long video really quick summary: this year was spent griding making various VN games….

small game delays

Not sure if you all heard about steam banning various adult indie games on steam of child exploitation. I got some…

Daughter of Eve VN back from limbo?

Daughter of Eve is a game that should have been done several months ago. I hired a programmer to code it up…

ARIA related updates

New ARIA stuff is still in development. I will be getting art for Remi and Goo drawn in the realistic style like…

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