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Artificial Academy 2 and Koikatsu Umichan/ARIA character cards

Between Artificial Academy 2 and Koikatsu there a lot of character cards from Umichan and ARIA series games. I wanted to post…

DAZ character model fun

I recently made a post that talks about updates and the current status of the 3D Arielle Project game. In the post…

Maiko and Zytra MMD compilations by Duskhaven

If you are into MMD check out these MMD hmv videos by JDuskhaven Maiko Zytra

UMCH Lite Engine (prototype 4)

this post redirects to the UMCH Lite prototype page.

Senpai = Bad!

As i make my trek to selling on more mainstream platforms like steam with strict rules regarding character that appear to be…

MMD Holiday Hentai

Just a little something I whipped together. There are more variations on my patreon MMD! or Enthusiast! tiers and above.

Umichan Logo Design

I’ve been working with ttrop on a new logo for Umichan. I’ve had a few in the past but wanted to make…

The UMCH Sequel… part 1?

As I work on the UMCH Sequel I am quickly starting to realize that even the the smaller vision I had for…

UMCH updates and reimagining Nanako.

This is a post I’ve been needing to write for a while, and this is attempt 2 at writing it since I…

Joey’s sister Violet

It kind of started off as a joke from ttrop, but we actually made a older sister for Joey named Voilet. She…

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