UMCC offline update 3

UMCC Version 3 updates


Thanks for the support on patreon I will keep umichan stuff free as much


I need to get away form bandcamp because the more people that get it there the harder it is to distribute. Keeping up with a growing e-mail list. Please use patreon. This is at the 1$ tier level. I need to make some changes there but I haven’t gotten around to it yet because I have been working on the games and stuff.

If you bought the game for $7 on bandcamp and don’t want to use patreon send me a message and I will get the game to you directly. this will be last update for bandcamp stuff thoguh. Actually this will be the last anything for bandcamp heh. I will just have the music there only and use it for very situational things.


more custom characters (16) (all the eyebrows are black sorry =/ will fix later)
double ended dildo at sex club (11)
threesomes at sex club (3)
extra dialogue for the guys added for community service (6)
community service is now auto pilot but can still be controlled
custom shirt nude base option (I will leave the side view park as it is)
sex in shower and room with dialogue (8 & 10)
easy way to lvl up girl relationship by working and p.service1 and 2
new hand graphics for the tablet (1)
a few minor bug fixes
vibrator pen Onanism during tests (12)
all test questions answered after the first attempt with using a sentinel pen and having a sentinel. (13)
cum appears on Maiko boobs (14)
increased amount of cum on friends when they get cummed (15)
walk around naked and people react. (17)
naked + cum and people react
normal dialogue for friends if maiko is cummed
a boob size larger then jumbo. use: “omfg” for the boob variable (2)

added a variable in tablet Config screen where Maiko can exit to the gym while being nude and can take off shirt anywhere. (1)
this variable does not get saved in saved variables, also note that Maiko will still want to put oh a shirt at certain points.
In the past walking around nude was a bug and I had added in all kinds of ways to correct this.

umcc_update_image3So what is next after version 3?

So the next version will be a little different. It will barely have any additions to the main game. However the biggest thing will be a “sandbox” separate from the main game file that just contains all the H animations and stuff in it and you can mix and match characters. it could have even more than what it is in the main game. It will still have the dialogues. I also plan to have the custom characters in the sex stuff, but the might start out as some separate also. I will start with pleasure service 1 just to test it out. I want to separate things out because the main game is very heavy. I have almost have 2000 art resources in there so it takes forever to save and compile. Of course no one playing the game would notice. But it wold make a my life a bit easier on this. Since it is a sandbox I won’t care as mush for thing like futa and such if that is what you are into.

I’m not sure of the sandbox will have a theme to it. Like some hostess. Not too different from the sex club, just a character standing there and some options, and maybe you can see stuff happening in the background instead of just a empty room..Or it could be just options and buttons to select things.

thoughts on this?