January 3, 2024

26 thoughts on “ARIA editor updates

  1. Is this a different version than the one that was already released with 2.7 ? Just trying to make sure I have the most up to date version.

    1. yeah it is different with a few animations added. but I need to add the futa stuff I missed. can try to get to it soon.

      1. Great, thank you. : )

        I really like the custom title screens now and how you can do basically a standalone release of your own titles made with the maker. That’s really awesome.

  2. Referring to these particular posts:

    The custom MP3’s / SWFs are still coming eventually or has that been put on hold for 2.8 release?


    And in partnership with that with the ability to use custom .swfs outside the main game, do you think that will “fix” or work around this issue with not being able to add certain animations because of the dump library?


    I didn’t see anything posted in the Project Updates tab so I figured I would ask. I actually finished 30 individual scenes for my HVN last week and linked them all together. It’s coming along really well. Hope everyone will like it in the end. 🙂

    Thanks for your time as always! Not trying to be pushy after all, just curious is all.

    1. Links didnt post properly,opps!

      Referring to the comments made in the Custom Maker Thread about not being able to add certain animations because of the dump library, but possibly trying to edit some of the futa ones to get them in there.

      An the comment about custom MP3’s and SWFs possibly getting into the editor eventually.

    2. coming eventually, anything added to the editor will be in the stand alone version.
      can only do one thing at a time and I need to finish UMCH stuff as priority.

      I’m hoping I can get the futa stuff in the default animations. i don’t want to try to extract animations and put them in separate swfs. and the mp3 stuff will be added same time as futa.

      1. Yeah, I knew UMCH took precedence and I am one hundred percent fine with that.. I just didnt know what your plans were long term because it wasnt in the update post. Thanks for getting back to me, though. 😀

        1. np unfortunately I didn’t put it in the update post because I’m under the impression not a lot of people care heh, or are not using the editor. I had already mentioned this to you in the forum post so I didn’t post it again in the blog post. sorry for the confusion.

          1. I wonder what the “issue” is in response to that? Maybe people think it’s too hard to use, or they dont understand how to use it? Maybe we should make a feedback thread on the forums and ask for people to comment on whether or not they have used it and to what success theyve had?

            Obviously I think it’s super simple and easy to use, but maybe someone else doesnt quite get how to use it or understand what all the functions are and how to use them. I dont know. I guess im just perplexed? Maybe the simplicity of having everything “already done'” rather than coming up with their own stories suites them better.

            I like it because of the limitless possibilities and that’s why I choose to use it. I just wouldnt want to see support dropped for it purely because people dont know how to use it, that’s all.

  3. (Supposed to be a reply to the last DigitalTK comment but I can’t so I stuck it here.)

    I imagine the “premade” aspect is at least somewhat responsible for the lack of interest. Spiral isn’t really known for making games like SDT that are heavily involved in user made content. So something like this I don’t think would immediately jump out to them. No idea for sure though, you’d need to do a survey or something to know with any accuracy.

    One idea I think could explain part of it is that the maker only allows ARIA content to be made without using outside tools. I certainly made a bunch of ARIA oneshots and other stuff with the maker but a bit more recently I tried making something with different assets and found it a lot harder to do. Since I couldn’t import outside character sprites, the only thing I could think to do would be use an image editor to put the sprites onto a custom background and make different backgrounds for every expression combination I needed. I had to drop the project when I found the swfs I wanted to put in weren’t compatible but when I picked up tyrano builder for another reason. I found that it lets custom sprites be implemented without using image editors and stuff like that. So, maybe the more creative types are involved in the communities of stuff like that?

    1. yeah imo most people here are looking for finished game/updates. doing really have a modding audience here thoguh I can make a poll over the weekend.

      yeah the editor is just intended as something small as a side project to make something less advanced than what you are doing with it. but when i do little side things like that there is number of people of varying amounts that want me to continue with whatever it is when I really am not in a position to really commit to it. examples are umichan 3d, mmd VR/360 videos, the rookie, etc. What happens is I’ll look at something and go “i can do that too” heh. 3D game? I can make a 3d game, VR video? I can make that too, short animation series? i can make that, VN maker? i can make that too. online multiplayer game with leader board with subscription perks? I can do that. so I do just small things just to show proof of concept. And now that i see a few place seeming to be able to use paypal without issue I was thinking about bringing back the store here too.

      the thing with the VN maker is i wanted to make something that just makes common sense for people that uses no coding or scripting. just have the character on the screen. the background on screen, and the text you want to show in the box, and you actually type it in the box. not off to the side, or on another page in some scripting language. you should not need scripting at all to make a beginner level vn game maker.

      when you want custom character and bgs and stuff yeah it get more advanced but still requires no code language here. I would eventually need to get other swf inside it to work properly just haven’t had a good look at it. but flash as2 is not really best suited for what I wanted to do since you can’t save files to a folder automatically. I think you can in flash as3 though. instead of pressing make code and copy pasting it to a folder, it could just make the file. and if you selected to have scene after that or branch. the naming convention and stuff is automatically handled and move on to the next scene.

      yeah to have some tool that has different poses an stuff that you can select I’d have to fully commit to it by stopping totally stopping other stuff. plus these more advanced tools exist already. such as tryanobuilder as wilson mentioned.

      1. Yeah, I totally can see where you are coming from, from the business end of things. Like I said, I am just merely curious about the Custom Maker. I like to use it alot, obviously. I wouldnt want you to stop on things just to try to appease me or what little following it actually has. I just wish more people would like to use it and talk and share their creations. I guess that’s what id like to see the most is just more people to talk to about it and share different ideas. Inspire other people to make their own things. My head is in the clouds I guess.

        Ive never heard of tryanobuilder before. Ill have to look it up. It sounds neat though as wilson said about adding sprites to SWF files without editing.

        AS3 sounds like it would be easier as well with the auto save function. I literally have almost 100 .txt files made already for my stuff that it’s hard at times to keep track of it all. Which piece goes where, what calls which scene. In my head I know the order, but when youre looking at my custom file it’s like, “H-O-L-Y shit, where do I begin?” There’s just that much stuff in there.

        I have fun with it, I guess id just like to see others have fun with it as well. : )

        1. for tyranobuilder. it’s not adding stuff to a swf. but you can import images of different facial expressions for a character, and generally have a easy time switching them while remaining on the same scene. On my tool, when you want change facial expression you have to make a new scene/file so you can have a different pic. yeah and as you mentioned with lots of files. with auto file management i could likely make a tree so you can see what continues or branches. would tricky for looping stuff though.

          i think the biggest issue is the art though. game maker needs at least a character editor also. i have all this stuff but it is split between different projects.

  4. I am new to this editor and I have created my own custom scene. I watched a video and followed the saving method but when I want to load it, there is nothing on the list to load. Am I doing something wrong?

      1. I was also wondering, should I be playing my custom scene using the .swf .exe or html that came in the editor file or should I be using the aria v2.7 .swf to play it?

        1. should be using 2.7. but there is also a standalone download for it now that was posted in this post. 2,7 or the stand alone should work.

          for the file not showing up. I am sure it is working, so I’m sure what you might be doing wrong. can post what is you custom txt file? and the name of the file you made that has the custom code in it?

          1. one of the custom scenes is:

            1[A]10[A]1[A]0[A]0[A]1[A]3[A]50[A]1[A]1[A]11[A]custom/data/[A]custom/data/[A]1[A]y[A]custom/data/[A]1[A]0[A]0[A]5[A]n[A]Harold: Phia, you are looking lovely today.[A]Phia: Hi sweetie.[A]Harold: Phia, looking at you, I feel horny.[A]Phia: Well sweetie, if you wait a bit, I will go prepare.[A]Harold: Hurry back bitch.[A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A][A]n[A]custom/data/[A][A]

            and I named the file phia1

          2. yeah that should be in in a file called phia1.txt your custom/data folder.

            however also you need to have the text phia1 in a file called custom.txt that exists in the the custom folder. you might need to add a “,” to seperate the words there if there something already there or you erase what is there. also make sure you don’t have and extra spaces or return character.

            you can try uploading the files to this forum post


          3. @Shadow: Happy to see someone else figuring out how to use the Custom Maker. Hope to see your projects uploaded to the forum thread. 😀

            Replied to your forum post by the way Vortex.

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