Vortex00’s Universal Answers (General FAQ)

X = the thing you are taking about

When will public version of X be released?

When dealing with public releases, I hate to sound like assshole, but seriously, I don’t know anything exactly because I can’t predict the future.
Sometimes I will start to work on something then then stop because I’m not into the groove, or get burnt out on it.
And forcing myself to do something produces crappy bug riddled results.

Public anything is normally already playable but takes a bit longer to release because I don’t want a potentially buggy game circulating around the internet. So I spend a bit longer working out issues. Because my games normally have a lot of complexity to them, it usually takes a lot of bug testing, and bug testing from different people, before I feel comfortable enough to release a public version. so please be patient. When I know the date I will post it in a site update or similar news post. If I haven’t posted information about when I will release something, it is because I don’t even know that myself.

Also releasing something is more than just determining if a game or something is past a threshold of completeness. A developer also has to be mentally prepared to receive both positive and negative criticism, deal with haters, etc. So both me and the game needs to be ready for a release.

I don’t like X

Majority of the time, It is how want it to be. The reason I started making games, and the reason why making games is fun for me, is because I get to make them how I want to make them. Taking that away from me, or wanting to, makes we want to just do something else, or work on nothing, or just work on it privately.

I certainly accept feedback and suggestions about what personal preferences to add and/or improve. but if your and/or even many people’s personal preferences conflicts with what I want to do, I won’t alter it so you will like it. I definitely need to retain what I enjoy about making games to continue making them. If I have made this clear to you and asked you to stop, please don’t go on and on about it. Also don’t make comments hinting that whatever I wanted to do is a bad idea. If you strongly don’t like something, and especially if I have asked you to stop posting about it, you need to just go find something else you like.