October 16, 2023

18 thoughts on “Vortex00’s Universal Answers (General FAQ)

  1. I felt like it was necessary to page a page like this.
    For future reference This page can be found under Info->Info in the main navigation menu.

  2. Yep I already know that, since I have seen the changes of UM. Guys there was a lot of content that never made it in UMCC. Do to bug problems and not fitting into the flash right. Usually bugs it was a nightmare. Specially early DoE holy shit the slow down of early DoE. Ideas are always feed back doesn’t mean a developer will do what you say. But they’ll think of what to do before doing it. Developers always have everything plan out on a blue print. The problem is when fans demand and want change because they say so. Ending up fucking up the code. Just ask the guys that did Socom games they kept adding stuff that wasn’t Socom at all. It came from Call of Duty or some other FPS game. In the end Socom Confrontation, Socom 4 etc had bugs up the ass. Bugs up the ass usually happen when developers keep adding to much new stuff without checking the code. And making sure they stay on what the blue print is. Meanwhile whatever new ideas that have a beta but doesn’t make it in the game. Usually makes it in the sequel. Anyways this is something to remember and why games like Socom becomes a cluster fuck. Right now Metal Gear Solid 5 is a cluster fuck but it is a well patch cluster fuck.The game is incomplete V00 talks about adding to much content and never be finish with a game. That is what happen to MGS5.

  3. vortex-san can you give me tutorial how to make booty physic also thight physic like yours
    i would appreciate it if you can teach me those cause i search all over the web and its only tell me how to make boobs physic…

  4. Hey, I can’t access the patreon games on my laptop. Is it my laptop, or do I need a certain thing
    downloaded to run it?

  5. It keeps saying the webpage cannot be found on the game. The rest of the page is loaded, however. Is there some simple solution to it I’m not seeing?

    1. Sounds like you browser is either blocking the cookie or not able to play iframes. I can see what up if you tell me what browser you are using and what operating system. like windows 7, or some linux destro or whatever.

  6. I opened up the html for v20 of UMCH and there is no sound. Is this a problem on my end or is it suppose to be that way? if it is a problem on my end do you have any suggestions to fix it?

    1. UMCH has no sounds yet. once i add sounds in each separate quests i will retrofit them back into umch to finish it up.

  7. Hey man love the projects. I would like to know if you will make a phone version of ARIA and MUCH. Im not often at my pc but I really want to play it when I’m taking a break or something. Wish you the best of luck upgrading these amazing games and making upcoming games in the future.
    P.S. sorry for bad English.

    1. many thanks. the separate umichan chapters i think can be played in a browser. I know the puffin browser can play swf.

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