January 8, 2024

11 thoughts on “more UM Boxer updates, game mechanics

  1. Seems like there’s much more benefits for being a good person. Seems like being sexbuddies with Evan and Renji are the most optimal choice since their requirements doesn’t clash.

  2. Liking the sound of things so far. I didn’t think you’d put in the shotas and fat guys as options but since it adds to the fantasy I’m glad you did. Are you interested in additional writing for this? I don’t know exactly how scenes will play out yet but it certainly sounds like you’ll need a lot of dialogue if there are this many options. Also did you ever make a decision on the preg stuff for this game?

    1. Yeah I have the shota and fat guys show up as guests, or visiting the school for some reason. There is quite a bit of dialogue here but some of it is recycled from UMCH.
      Yeah I can use a lot writing but I’m sure how much this game in particular really needs. It’s more needed in other games. This game’s purpose is mainly pvp, leader-boards, seeing what combinations of customization works for you best in boxing, and seeing what happen when you try X outfit and bump into Y person. Even in the testing I have been doing I turn off the dialogue. Similar to Agent trainer I want to have a dialogue scene at the beginning, and have some scenes that you can-view after reaching a certain number of fans while being friends with a certain social group or friend. I’ll explain in more detail in the forums.

    1. it’s made in flash and flash wont be supported soon. so it’s dead atm. I’ll need to remake it is construct 2 at best.

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