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games made with Unity3D

3D Arielle game alpha + video update 6

  DL Windows:!AdRTiQiJ!PdTWc1a1pO3aXpyIdcW2EIfquAvji1IGBeVwC_SQo1E there is a terminal in the city where you start that allows you to travel to the combat…

Umichan Futa Fantasy

Maiko spends time with Remi learning medical skills and performing sexy experiments.

ARIA 3D tactics game wip

Below is a video of the gameplay if you are not able to download and play the game right away. Downloads: windows…

ARIA top-down game

At the start of the month I mentioned I was dabbling around witha mmo kit trying to make a aria game. ARIA…


This is not a hentai game. This is a small battle card game I made for fun based on ARIA. I was…

Umichan 3D

I will admit I’m getting a bit burnt on this, but I am pretty much done with everything I wanted to accomplish…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 6

so this is wip 5 with some fixes for the most part. Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 5

not really done here, there is still a issue with Pattie following Maiko but I wanted to publish this if even just…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 4

Alright so I think I have everything fixed that I am able to currently fix. Remember you need to unzip the game…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 3

As much as I would like to continue adding stuff. It is necessary to attempt to fix what is already in the…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 2

It seems like… I barely did anything and the game is like 40Mb larger. I might investigate making the file size smaller….

no image

Umichan 3D wip 1

this is a windows build, I was having trouble building a web player version. I need to drop back a version in…

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