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games made with Unity3D

Umichan Futa Fantasy

Maiko spends time with Remi learning medical skills and performing sexy experiments.

ARIA 3D tactics game wip

Below is a video of the gameplay if you are not able to download and play the game right away. Downloads: windows…

ARIA top-down game

At the start of the month I mentioned I was dabbling around witha mmo kit trying to make a aria game. ARIA…


This is not a hentai game. This is a small battle card game I made for fun based on ARIA. I was…

Umichan 3D

I will admit I’m getting a bit burnt on this, but I am pretty much done with everything I wanted to accomplish…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 6

so this is wip 5 with some fixes for the most part. Remember you need to unzip the game first before trying…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 5

not really done here, there is still a issue with Pattie following Maiko but I wanted to publish this if even just…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 4

Alright so I think I have everything fixed that I am able to currently fix. Remember you need to unzip the game…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 3

As much as I would like to continue adding stuff. It is necessary to attempt to fix what is already in the…

no image

Umichan 3D wip 2

It seems like… I barely did anything and the game is like 40Mb larger. I might investigate making the file size smaller….

no image

Umichan 3D wip 1

this is a windows build, I was having trouble building a web player version. I need to drop back a version in…

Crystal Horror

This was a game I made in about 3 days using Unity3D with premade assets and models. It is called Crystal Horror,…

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