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UMCH UI updates

Just showing some of the user interface (UI) changes for UMCH. None of these images are final and there are few things…

Mira’s Bizarre Adventure

Join Mira on her quest to find sexy muses!

The Evolution of Umichan Maiko

Maiko is turning 10 years in 2017! And to celebrate this special occasion, SpiralVortexPlay prepared this timeline with a bit of her…

Umichan Maiko Two Scoops

Maiko has trouble selling ice-cream!

Umichan Art updates (Zytra 3)

Third time’s a charm ?

Umichan Art updates (Zytra 2)

middle is newest edit. based on the date of this post of course.

Umichan Art updates (Girls 1)

all of the pics have comparison with the older art style. so I wanted to have a pic with a comparison with…

Umichan Art updates (Pattie)

please post thoughts.

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