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UMCH quick preview

Hey everybody! It’s jccq89 over here and Vortex00 left me in charge of sharing some quick previews of things that him and…

UMCH updates

Haven’t made a post this whole week but as you may or may not know stuff is getting done. Ttrop had been…

umch v18

UM Boxer builds

I wanted to make this post early to showcase some builds in the upcoming UM boxer game. Keep in mind that the…

UM Boxer updates Character Creation wip

adding basic customization. it is not super complex. some of the eyes tilt different angles but will fix.

How to get high sex exp with Maiko in UMCH

Earlier I had mentioned there are some things in the game people may not know about. This is one of those things….

some casual previews and discussion 2

posting rest of the casual stuff. not all characters will have it. Maybe eventually though.

some swimsuit previews 4

I will post the rest of the swimsuits. there are a lot of characters. And I actually realized I missed a character,…

some swimsuit previews 3

Roise has what would traditionally be a modest outfit if it wasn’t basically completely transparent with a flower pattern. Pattie has something…

some swimsuit previews 2

I grouped up the older women and milfs for this one. For these more mature characters I didn’t want to go to…

Umichan Boxer updates

I’m still calling this Umichan boxer but it maybe be called something else soon. I was thinking like UMCS umichan classroom shenanigans…

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